Welcome to Stumbling Through Faith, 2.0.

True faith is something that isn’t easy to come by. It isn’t something you wake up one morning and have. Faith takes practice, mistakes, trial, and error. Faith takes honesty with oneself and those around you; it takes a long hard look at who and where you are. Faith requires one to fall, to stumble, and then get back up and keep going.

Faith requires knowing who you are so you know what path you’re on. Faith requires knowledge and belief and understanding. Faith is a journey.

I’m Kel. And I’m happy that you’re interested in my journey. To better understand my journey, though, you must know a little bit about who I am and where I’ve come from.

I was born and raised in South Carolina. In fact, I still live in South Carolina. My life and how I see the world is influenced by many things living here where the polarities are amplified. I’m white and I speak English as my first language, which have afforded me privileges here in the southeast of the United States. I’m part of the lower-middle class as a high school teacher, and I work with students well below the poverty level who may or may not speak English or who may or may not care whether or not they pass Biology because their part-time, minimum wage job is putting food on their table and they can’t be late to work.

I’m Pagan, Independent Family Reformed Kemetic to be exact. I’ve studied the pagan faith since I was 16, after I came out and was kicked out of the Christian church I had called my spiritual home. My faith has shaped how I view the world and relate to those around me. I came to the Kemetic faith through many different ways. I started to do my own research and develop my own faith practices, which I practice outside of a temple or affiliation and solely with my family.

My partner is much like me in that she’s on the learning path as I am. She is a follower of Anpu, and I am a follower of Ubasti. We strive to live by ma’at in our daily lives. My sexuality has influenced my life in many ways, but it has taught me to treat everyone with respect since I have been dealt with first hand knowledge of what it feels like to not be. I love my family and my faith.

This journey isn’t over.

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