30 Days of Brave: Day 5

My wife Erin got home yesterday from a business trip, and we’re moving forward on big things, so I didn’t have time to update.  Here’s the blog from yesterday.


Today’s challenge was to listen to our voices of “not enough.”  We were instructed to write down all the ways we felt like we were not enough.

  • I feel as though I do not do enough around the house.
  • I feel as though I do not do enough with work.
  • I feel as though I do not do enough with my family or my friends.
  • I feel as though I do not do enough in taking care of myself.

But I am enough, and I do enough.  I get overwhelmed so easy when my anxiety sometimes that the feelings of failure creep up into my life and try to strangle out all the truth: I am enough.  I do enough.

Sometimes, I can be lazy and not do what I need to do, but these little failures and set backs do not mean that I am not enough.  I am exactly what I need to be, and that is enough.

Moving forward towards my goals doesn’t mean that I’m trying to be “enough” or “more” than what I am now.  It simply means that I have a goal, and I can move towards that goal because I am enough.

Today’s journal prompt says, “How would I define feeling ‘enough’ as it relates to me personally, and how can I grow by spending time listening to these voices that tell me I am not enough?”

To me, enough means that I am doing what I can, when I can, and letting the rest of everything else go.  Enough means I am where I am supposed to be when I am supposed to be there.  It means that, to the best of my ability, I follow through with the goals I set for myself, and understand that if I fail or don’t reach whatever goal I have set for myself that it’s not because I didn’t try and do my best.

The voices in my head tell me that I’m not enough when I have too much coming at me at once.  They tell me I’m not enough when I have 10 things to do, but I only manage to complete 5 of them.

When it comes to growing, I think it’s important for me to remember that the voice in my head sees the finish line as the be all end all for being enough, and this isn’t the case.  The truth is that I’m enough because I do my best.  I’m enough because I give every day 100% even if the 100% isn’t the same from day to day or what others would see as 100%.

I am enough because I do the best I can.


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