30 Days of Brave: Day 3

My wife is out of town this week, so I’ve been a solo-parent.  Yesterday was a long day, and then my dinner plans didn’t go as planned, which made it longer.  Here’s my blog for yesterday.  I’ll write the Day 4 one a little later.


Today’s challenge was to ask someone close to us what our greatest strength and our greatest weakness was.  I asked three people: My wife (Erin), my best friend (Amy), and another really good friend (Becky).

My wife Erin said, “You’re driven.  When you set to get a task done, you get it done.  That would be your greatest strength.  You’re greatest weakness would be your will power.  When it comes to eating healthy and that kind of thing, if you have a craving, you give in to it pretty quickly.”

My best friend Amy said, “Empathy is your greatest strength.  It’s also a weakness because you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders at time.  You’re a fixer.  It causes you a lot of stress.”

My other really good friend Becky said, “I’d say a strength would be that you are very caring and open.  A weakness, I would say, is that you’re very sensitive.”

I would agree with all of the above.

Personally, I think my greatest strength would be my drive, like Erin said.  Any time I have put my mind to something, I have completed my goal.  When it comes to the important things, to me, I will complete everything I decide to do.

My greatest weakness?  I tend to overthink things and stress too much.  A lot of this has to do with my anxiety that I control without medication and can sometimes become overwhelming to me, but in terms of my goal, I think I should focus the most on the willpower weakness that I have that Erin mentioned.

It’s a huge problem for me.  I have such a hard time telling myself no to things I want (like food that isn’t the healthiest or sweets).

Here’s to awareness and hopefully to conquering!


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