Two Years Ago

I opened my Facebook today and immediately saw a memory picture of Erin and I smiling while holding an ultrasound. Today, two years ago, we announced we were adopting. It was, at that time, the most liked photo I had, and it routinely shows up in the top ten of most liked photos overall.

Last year, when I saw it, I wasn’t sure that I would ever be completely okay on this day when it popped up. When that adoption fell through, it was crushing to me.

But a couple weeks later, after the day the adoption fell through, a friend from church approached me about an older girl, in foster care, that needed a family to love her, and maybe we should consider adoption because families are all made up in different ways. I told her it was too soon. I needed time to heal.

The days that followed, that little girl kept popping into my life, and I told the Gods that if this is what THEY wanted for our life that THEY would make the way.

Months later, my wife approached me independently about adopting her. And the next week we made the call. We flew through the process faster than any family our licensing specialist had ever seen, and now…

…Two years to the day that we announced we were adopting…

We signed the papers that we received their history and still wished to proceed.  We made plans for this girl and this boy to move into our home in 48 hours.

We started this process in January, and now both foster care and adoptions believes we’re the fastest family to move through the process.  I keep thinking to myself, “Well, this is what THEY wanted for us, so I’m not surprised we moved so quickly.”

There’s a sign on my door that, while faded, says, “All my children have paws.”  Time to take it down and replace it with something else.

I guess I was wrong last year. I guess I will be okay with today after all.

The Gods have a funny way of working things out.


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