The Next Steps

“Hey, love.”  I rolled over to face my wife as she got ready to leave for work.  “I hate to wake you up to this… but I was checking the news before I left and another black man was shot and killed by a police officer.  They were pulled over for a broken tail light and his girlfriend video recorded the aftermath.”

I sighed.  I didn’t know what else to do.

“She said stuff like, ‘Please, God, don’t let this be how he goes.’  There was a child in the back seat.”

I felt like someone had just punched me in the stomach.  This makes the 115th black man to be shot and killed by police officers this year alone.  My heart breaks for the 115 families and friends who are now grieving and mourning the loss of their loved ones because some cop somewhere decided that it was within his or her right to execute a person without a trial or even an arrest.

And then, to make matters worse, a picture starts floating around of a white guy with his hand on his gun facing a cop, and the cop is trying to talk the guy down.  Had that white guy been a black guy, his name would be added to the ever growing list.

Then tonight, there’s Dallas.  Ten or eleven police officers have been shot.  Three, as of the last time I checked, have died.  It was at the end of a BlackLivesMatter protest, and as much as I hate violence, and I feel bad for those families, just like I feel back for all 115 families, I can see why it came to this.

I don’t like it, but I can understand.

If you’re going to bully a people into submission or start executing them without probable cause or justification, they are going to push back.  Especially if they have asked nicely for help and not gotten any.  Then acted out non-violently and STILL not gotten the help… Yeah, violence is the next step.

Maybe the snipers felt they were protecting the people in the protest from a person or persons they felt were going to do them harm?  Sounds kinda like the argument the police use all the time to justify why they overreacted and SHOT unarmed and subdued black men.

After the response of the privileged majority to Orlando, I finally personally really understand the struggle that POC face when it comes to things like the BlackLivesMatter protests.  I understand their anger.  I understand the rage.  I understand all of it.

And I would probably be in a similar situation if people who were supposed to protect us were killing us on the streets like they are POC.

::sigh::  I don’t know what else to say.

I had a meeting with the minister today in which he told me the plans for the Youth Ed department and reaffirmed my position as the leader.

It comes with some added responsibilities, such as reorganizing all the files and getting everything streamlined, but I like organizing, so that part should be fun.  They want to get enough coverage so that I don’t have to be in the classrooms anymore so that I can supervise.  That would be fantastic.

I’ve been checking my bank account on a regular basis to see a check clear, and it did today!  This is awesome for me because it means the state accepted my Notary application.  Not only am I ordained through the Universal Life Church, but I’ll also be a notary public, which means, for South Carolina at least, I’ll be super-legal in the weddings department.

Two of my friends are getting married in August, and they’ve asked me to perform their wedding, so I’m excited about that.  I was talking to it with a woman a church, and she told me her daughter is getting married, so I may end up doing theirs as well.  I also started to advertise on a national pagan website, so maybe I’ll start bringing in a little extra cash on the side.  Who knows?  (Yes, I realize that I can’t charge more than $5 for the actual act of notarizing something, but the travel/preparation/ceremony stuff is allowed.)

I wrote out a list of everything I needed to do today, and I got most of it done.  I probably would have gotten more of it done if I had… you know… not downloaded Pokemon Go! this morning.

Talk about a time suck.  It’s bad, y’all.

But my team is pretty kick butt, and Valor pretty much owns this county.  I feel good about my life choices.

Yeah, I’m a nerd.


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