The Gods’ Plan

Funny thing about my Gods…. They tend to be looking out for my best interest regardless of my mood or feelings towards life in general. 

I’ve always been they type of person who puts way too much on themselves.  I always complete what I set out to do, but I’ve spent so much of my life stressed out that I’m not so sure my body knows how to be no stressed out.

For example, in high school, my schedule wasn’t working out and it left me we a gap class. The school was going to let me be a teacher’s aide or even just go home, but I took Psychology 101 instead. And that was with two AP classes and an honors class and art school. 

My mm said, “one day, you’ll learn to take a bird course.”

But I didn’t. And I still haven’t. 

I’m a full-time teacher. I’m one of the only Genetics teachers in my district and now I’m taking up Chemistry next year for the first time ever. I haven’t taught chemistry since I was student teaching, so I have nothing. I’m still in graduate school (so is Erin). Erin and I are in the late stages of the adoption process for a sibling group. AND I’m still the youth education director/coordinator at our church. 

June was a crazy month for us. I was feeling a little overwhelmed because the adoption process was not (and still isn’t) going as fast as we’d like it to. Our soon-to-be-son is going into fourth grade, and changing schools is going to suck for him… But unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it can be avoided anymore. 

Money is always budgeted and it feels like every time we start getting ahead, something breaks or car maintaince is due (see my other blog later for all that). I realize that’s life and being a homeowner. It’s hard to adult sometimes. 

And my responsibilities at church are high-stress this time of year as people go on vacation and travel and so on, so help has been on the down swing. I had a week where I kinda snapped and broke completely down. 

I cried. For the first time in a long time, I really honest to Gods cried and got it all out. I’d been holding on to so much because Erin is just as busy as I am, if not busier this time of year, and I didn’t want to add to her plate… But I snapped, and I cried, and I just let it all out. 

I felt so much better. 

With how crazy our June schedule has been, I’ve been working overtime for church and then missing Sunday’s because we are out of town or some other plans and I wasn’t feeling well right after school got out (this happens every year where my body crashes for a few days). So today was our first real Sunday back in the swing of things. 

And my minister sat down to talk to me while we prepped the room. 

“Hey Kel, I’ve been meaning to talk to you so I’m glad you’re here today. I spoke to the board, and we want to offer you a raise.”

It’s essentially three times what I am currently making. If I break it into hourly pay, it is just over $10 an hour. I was really shocked. I definitely didn’t expect this type of conversation.

And it felt so wonderful. I felt needed and wanted and appreciated. It was an awesome feeling. 

And the church is starting a volunteer drive next weekend, so I feel heard and validated. I feel like my needs are being recognized and met, and it is so awesome. 

When we got home after church, there was a package on our door with two large bags of cat food. We’ve been fostering a cat and the food her mama sent us will set her cat and one of ours up for a long time. We also go a visit from the mama of another cat we are fostering with money to help cover some of the expenses… Neither of these things we asked for. 

So I feel like blessing me are just raining down today…with how crazy this past month has been, it’s definitely not being frowned upon.

One of these days, I will get back into my regular “teaching” style of blogging… But until then, I’m still here and the Gods are still working. 


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  1. I call it the Universe having your back. And it’s wonderful. So glad to see things falling together for you.

    I have a question/offer. Would your church benefit from doing a fundraiser? As part of Usborne Books, the offer a fundraising option where an organization sells boxes of nice greeting cards at a great price ($30 for 30) and the organization keeps $13 of each box for their needs. It’s an awesome deal. You can see information here:

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