Mr. Noble’s At it Again

Except this time it is a video post:

And this was my direct response to him:

Chromosomes do not a male or female make.

Not everyone is born with with an XX and an XY. Some people are born XO, meaning they don’t have a second X chromosome. These individuals have what is called Turner’s syndrome. Some individuals are born with XXY, Klinefelter’s Syndrome. Or XYY, Jacob’s Syndrome. Or XXYY.

There are even males with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. These individuals who are born XY, but because their body’s do not respond to testosterone, they develop as female. There are women, born XX, whose bodies produce too much testosterone, causing their bodies to naturally become more masculine.

Beyond that, there have been studies that show that male-to-female transgender individuals actually have a female brain structure, and a study done in Australia actually identified the NR3C4, which codes for an androgen receptor in males, has a variant where it is longer than typical, causing a decrease in testosterone sensitivity, which causes more feminine characteristics.

On the flip side of this, the CYP17 gene in female-to-male transgender individuals is altered, causing a differing bodily response to the female reproductive hormones of progesterone and estrogen.

And these aren’t “feelings” or “environmental differences.” These are genetic. These are, as you would call them, God-given differences that these people have.

I understand that concern, but this law isn’t going to keep people who intend harm on another from carrying out what they intend to do, and not having this law isn’t going to make it a free-for-all in the bathroom. What it is doing is making a very marginalized group of individuals fear you and others like you when they enter the bathroom.

It’s not that you are necessarily perpetuating hatred. It’s that you are perpetuating fear. And when people are afraid, they do things they wouldn’t necessarily do. And these transgender people are scared to use the bathroom because they’re worried you will see them enter the bathroom that associates with their gender, and you fear that someone who doesn’t fit what you believe is female is following your wife and daughter into the bathroom intends harm… and that’s a breeding ground for regretful things to happen.


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