Post-Post-Post Graduate Education

I seriously am a glutton.

A glutton for punishment.

I’m not even out of my graduate program now, and I’m looking forward to more education in the future.

I have always felt drawn towards ministry in some form.  Right now, I’m doing that at my church, and it feels awesome and wonderful to help lead and guide all the kids at the church on their spiritual journeys.

I don’t have a formal religious education in any denomination or faith practice.  Everything I’ve learned, I’ve taught myself through reading and studying, or I’ve learned it from listening to message from many people all over the country and world from many different backgrounds.

But I’d like something that was a little bit more formal.

I’ve played around with these ideas for years.  I don’t plan on ever finishing another graduate program, but I’m also no closing myself off to the possibilities.

I would really like to take a few classes to really start learning more, but I don’t plan on taking anything until my current program is done.  I’m not really sure where I would try to take classes, though.  Ideally, they’d be online.

I’m looking at a few places:

  • Unity Institute and Seminary:  This is the seminary associated with the church overarching body of the church Erin and I currently attend.  I trust their interpretation of things more than I trust anyone else really.  I think some “Bible 101” classes from here would be fairly interesting.
  • Meadville Lombard Theological School OR Starr King School for the Ministry: These two are the seminaries associated with the UUA.  As far as open, these two schools are probably close to the top (if not the top) of the list.  They also have online programs for some basic classes, which is what I’m interested in.
  • Cherry Hill Seminary: This is a Pagan seminary in South Carolina.  I’ve been following them for awhile.  They were accredited not too long go (in terms of ages of schools goes), and they’re still fairly new.  I keep checking their course listings and chew my lip about taking some of them, but I’m so on the fence about them.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, they’re just young in comparison to other seminaries.
  • And finally, there is a class that I WILL take because it is online, relatively cheap, and self-paced that is put out by the over arching body of the creation spirituality church Erin and I use to go to called Jubilee! Community Church, which will essentially “ordain” me to run that style of worship service… and I think it would be fun to bring to our church now, especially since, in the process, I found out that the founder of the Creation Spirituality movement regularly teaches at Unity Village, which is owned by the over arching body of our church  now.  Small world.

Anywho, does anyone have any ideas for me of places (preferably online) to get a more formal religious education?  I’m always open for suggestions.


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