The Trickster

Erin and I have spent the last few years growing the family traditions of our faith.  We add a little to the permanency of things each year as we save the money.  This year past year, we added to our Ascension of the Celestial Cow celebration, and this year, we added to our Days Upon the Year week long celebration that ends with Wep Ronpet.

The Days Upon the Year are the last five days of the calendar before the start of the New Year (Wep Ronpet).  It’s the days that Wesir, Aset, Heru-ur, Set, and Nebt-het are born.  Last year, we celebrated with pictures.  This year, we purchased idols for each one.

One of the most well known stories in Egyptian mythology is the story of how Set tricked Wesir.  In the end, Wesir’s body was cut into bits and spread across all the land of Egypt.  Aset traveled all over the land searching for all the parts of Wesir.

So it’s well known that Set doesn’t care for Wesir… and that he’s known for his trickery.

When our first package arrived, we opened the box marked as Set…img_4584

But what we found was completely different…  Set wasn’t in the box, but a knight in shining armor was.  Needless to say, we will be returning that box.

The irony of this wasn’t lost on us, and we had to laugh about it.

But it doesn’t end there.

When we opened the box for Wesir, his crook and flail, the signs of his sovereignty and rule, were broken.

Nothing else in the entire package was damaged, and they call came from the same location.  We’ll be exchanging that idol as well.

We aren’t upset by the mix ups.  We aren’t really on a timeline to have everything in place by THIS DAY OR ELSE.  We’re just amused by the games the universe and the Gods are playing.  We’ll print the packing slips and do some exchanging…

And then we’ll see if the games continue…


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