The Warmth of Reconnection

I think I may be fully done with two of my three graduate classes.  I submitted my final today, after taking the last quiz two weeks ahead of schedule.  I think all I have left is my Evolution class, and that one won’t be ready until this weekend anyway.

The amount of relief that  feel with this is great.  So much stress is now lifting off my shoulders.  Yes, there’s still a lot going on with the fostering and adoptions process (but that is for a different blog), but I can handle that and and my job with little problem.

Graduate school is no joke.

And as stressful and crazy as this schedule has been, I am so very, very happy that I decided to start when I did rather than wait until Erin graduated.  There is no way I could have done what I did this past school year if I had kids.  There is absolutely no way to balance two jobs, student organizations, church responsibilities, kids, AND graduate school.

Because our schedules have been so crazy, I was feeling a little disconnected from my wife.  She had a lot going on, and I had a lot going on, and we just fell into routines.  It happens to all couples at some point.  I firmly believe that anyone who says otherwise either hasn’t been together long enough for it to happen or they’re lying.

Erin’s birth day and our one year wedding anniversary is in June.  She’ll be thirty.  Last year, I turned her birthday into a week of huge surprises.  She got a new bike, a computer, surprise visits from friends from out of state, and a party with church friends.  And she was only 29 then.

This year, I wanted to do something different, but I didn’t know what to do… Until I got this insane idea that I texted to her before I had the chance to change my mind.

“I think you should take a week off in June.”


“I don’t know.  We’ll go somewhere.”

She took nearly an entire week off because she’ll be in classes and can’t miss a Tuesday and a Wednesday in the same week, and the Tuesday class is more important, from what I have noticed this past semester.

I looked at flights to Cancun or Puerto Rico, but holy shit… that was expensive.  I looked at camp sites around Niagara Falls (no luck).  I looked at Myrtle Beach and Charleston (both of those are starting to borderline on overdone for us).  I looked at the Keys in Florida, stopping for the day in Orlando.  There was too much.

Finally, I said, “We need to pick a place… we can go to a touristy place like Myrtle Beach.  We can go to a relaxing place, like Edisto…. or we can go somewhere complete different, like D.C.”

She said, “Well, if you could drop everything right now and go… where would you go?”


“Then let’s go to D.C.”

So we’re going to D.C.!  We looked at suites with kitchens and VRBO, but everything was massively expensive.  Finally, we found an amazing place through AirBnB with a kitchen (cooking is a must for us on any vacation over 3 days) that is outside the city, but close to a metro station.  They confirmed our reservation less than an hour ago.

We’re going to D.C.!  I love D.C. and am super excited to go back.  It’s been about five years.  We’ll hopefully see some family while we’re there as well.

We also reserved a campsite for three nights in May.  We are going to hopefully rent kayaks for that trip too.  And we bought tickets to the baseball game next Friday.

I made a point in my last post that I needed to focus more on my family and my marriage.  I definitely feel this is a step in that right direction.

I love the warmer months.  I often hear that fall and winter are times to reconnect with those we love because the cold drives us together for warmth, but I feel like the spring and summer is where that happens for Erin and I.  I imagine it is because we have more time in the summer than we do any other time of the year.

Whatever the reason is, I’m grateful for these opportunities to travel and get out of the routine.

I’m highly tempted, once I graduate, to do a ten-day meditation retreat.  There’s one a couple hours from here.  From everything I’ve read, it looks fairly intensive, but I want to go.  I’ve haven’t talked to Erin about it yet.  She’ll probably tell me that I’m crazy when she reads this (Hey babe!).  Who knows, maybe she’ll want to go with me…  We’d have to get someone to watch the kids for ten days while we went, but I’m sure that can be arranged.  Grandparents, anyone?

Reconnection.  I need and crave reconnection in all areas of my life right now.  Hopefully getting out of the routine will help me feel that in the coming months.  If anyone has any at-home suggestions for reconnecting with yourself, those around you, and the universe, I’m open to those as well.


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