Why I Have Faith

I am the Youth Education Coordinator at the church that Erin and I attend every Sunday.  They are a New Thought Christian church; however, they aren’t your typical Christians.  In fact, the minister said in service today that God could have whatever name you wanted to call it because it’s all the same power.

He talked about how religions all pretty much have the same outcome.

Erin and I are both Pagan, so I am the Pagan Youth Education Coordinator at our New Thought Christian Church.  Our minister is seriously thrilled and is so happy that I am doing what I am doing.  We are growing the program, and it’s attracting and keeping more families and families with children in the church.

People are leaving the UU church down the street and coming to us, which I think is fantastic because that’s basically what Erin and I did.  We didn’t find a connection at the UU like we do at Unity because we actually wanted a worship experience, and we didn’t feel like we were getting that there.


Being the Youth Education Coordinator at the church isn’t the easiest job in the world.  My duties include creating lesson plans and scripting them, setting up the rooms, cleaning up the rooms afterwards if they need some extra TLC, coordinating the Youth Leaders, and making sure all the other program coordinators’ needs are met.

The chain of command for the youth goes like this: The minister > Me> The teen and nursery coordinators > the youth leaders > the youth.

If we don’t have a youth leader or someone is out, then it is my job to find a fill in or fill in myself.  The last month or so has been very stressful because some of our youth leaders moved out of state, and we didn’t have anyone to fill in, so it was me.  Ideally, I wouldn’t be teaching at all so that I could make sure that everyone else is taken care of.

We have four levels of instruction: nursery (0-4), Uni-Stars/Littles (5-9/10), Uni-Teens/Middles (10/11-13), and the Youth of Unity/YOU (14-18).  We currently have a healthy group for each level, and the church is practically busting at the seams.

I know, for a fact, that we are growing and doing so well because the volunteers and staff do a lot of hard work and we bring a good message filled with Universal Truths that are true no matter what you believe or don’t believe.  You can come to our church and feel spiritually fed in a community of like minded and accepting people.

We work hard, and we reap the benefits of working hard.

We also recognize that the divine is flowing through us and all others and the whole world and constantly working towards our higher and best selves, and we are eternally thankful for that.

One of the things I try to teach the kids at church is what it means to actually have faith.  I generally define faith has believing something will happen, even if you have no physical proof that it will happen.  I can have faith that the Sun will rise because I’ve seen it done hundreds of times.  I don’t have any proof from my seat on my couch that it will rise tomorrow morning, but I can safely assume that it will.

I don’t have faith that the Gods are out there working for my betterment, but I know from past experiences that they are out there doing just that, so I can safely assume that they will continue to do that.

I think a lot of people out there in the world have a false sense of control over their lives.  We only have control over one thing in the world, and that is ourselves.  We can prepare ourselves for the interview of our dream job and completely nail that interview, but it is out of our control whether or not the person who did the interview will actually hire us still.

We can spend hours and hours on a paper or project for school, but once we turn it in, the rest of the process is out of our control.  I cannot, and no one can, force a teacher to write a 100 on it and move on to the next assignment.

I graduated in the top 20% of my high school class.  I graduated cum laude  from college.  I got a Masters degree.  I got into another school for my second Masters degree.  I own my home.  I have a fantastic career, an amazing and smart wife who works hard toward her ambitions while supporting me in mine.  We have awesome pets.  Our families adore us.  My parents dropped 20K+ on our wedding to make sure our special day was perfect (and it was everything I could have asked for and more).  And we are in the process of adopting two amazing kids into our family.

We have that type of relationship that other people look to as the example.  We’re even inspiring others to get into foster care (which I think is pretty damn awesome).

And we’ve worked hard to get to where we are.  We study hard, we have late nights, we are constantly on e-mail checking up on different processes, but when it comes down to the details, we know we don’t have much control over everything.

We can organize all our stuff and get our papers together, but we don’t have control over when the fire department will call us to do a fire inspection.  We didn’t have control over when DHEC would call us, or when the home study would be.  We could do our best at everything, but still have no control in those areas.

But I know that things will be taken care of.  That is my faith.  I know that this process will move smoothly and quickly because my faith tells me that the Gods are watching out for us.  The Gods are in everything and in everyone, so nothing on this planet happens without their involvement in some way.

Now, human error and immaturity can cause bad things to happen, and going against the Gods’ desires to see things go well and positively, but we have to learn from our mistakes so that they don’t happen again.

I have faith that the Gods are working everything towards my higher good.  I have faith that they are working in all the good things and the bad.  I know my control in my life has limits, and I know where my control ends, Their control begins.  I know They influence others in the world just like They influence me.

I am confident in my abilities to affect change where I have control, but I also have faith that things will work out for my betterment and the betterment of all others in areas where my control is no longer.


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