I Get It Now…

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I’m sitting on a couch in the middle of a dark living room in the middle of a place about two hours from my home. My friend is getting married tomorrow, and I am in the wedding. She and her soon-to-be husband are getting married in the Lurheran Church, and I’ve never been to a Lutheran wedding before, so I’m excited to witness such an awesome event. 

I had my physical this morning for the foster program. I have to go back in Monday to have my TB test read and they’ll give me the documentation I need then. After the physical, I drove nearly two hours to a church in the literal middle of nowhere with another friend who is also in the wedding for the rehearsal. 

After we drove to my friend’s house for the night. We talked for a little bit about the Foster and adoption processes. I told her that it has gone so much faster and smoother than even our licensing coordinator thought possible.

My friend said, “Why do you think that is?”

There’s only one explanation though, because when DHEC should take three months to get out to the house and they take three weeks, it must be divine intervention. 

This process is stressful. It’s time consuming. We have to be certified and licensed by the state to be parents. We go through training about childhood trauma and first aid and CPR and CPI. Our house is inspected for child readiness, safety, and fire hazards. 

We are, without a doubt, more ready for children to be in our home than joe shmo couple down the street who has a kid and has no clue where to begin. We got a list. And when this is all done, we’ll have a judge sign off saying we can and will make good parents. 

This process is NOT for the light of heart. It’s not for anyone who thinks they MIGHT be ready for kids but isn’t sure. Erin and I opted to do a special license through a special program that will certify us for all types of kids, including those who are medically intensive or have specia needs. 

Ever since we wanted kids, we knew fostering and adoption would be part of that process. We are both of the belief that if you’re going to have your own kids, you should also do some sort of work in the Foster care system because there are so many kids out there who need a safe and stable place to go, even temporarily. We want to help kids, especially those in the GLBT community, so this has always been a part of our plan. 

We just thought we’d have our own kids first, but the Gods had a different plan. 

I get it now: the inspirational and spiritual quotes that surround the Foster care and adoption systems. My faith has been strengthened ten-fold by this process. With every milestone we pass without hiccup, I know the Gods are behind us on this journey, pushing us forward. 

It has been the single greatest and defining process of our relationship since we got married. We have been stressed with all we have had to do (legit, no one knows anyone busier than us, so says everyone I talk to), but with the process winding down, I find myself living in a zone of gratitude for all we have been through and accomplished. 

I wish I could adequately explain the Gods contributions, but my words won’t do it justice. Their hands have been in all things from day one, and I will be forever thankful and grateful for that knowledge!

Blessed Them who are holy for They taketh care of me and my family. It feels wonderful to be on the right path with the divine source. 


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