Busy Days Ahead

Erin had her third and final oral surgery today.  The orthodontist gave up on trying to pull the tooth into position, and we were over it.  They’re going to move her other teeth to fill the space and her braces will be off sometime this year.

We’ve spent most of our time together during the time she had the braces, and I am so, so, so happy that they will be gone, gone, gone sooner rather than later.  The end is in sight now.

Our graduate school classes are going back up in intensity again.  Erin is starting her senior/final project and research, so that will be her biggest stress.  I’m very excited for her graduation in August.  She plans on staying with her current job while she either works for a promotion there or finds another job.  We aren’t sure where we will end up when everything is said and done, but we will be moving sometime in 2017, probably.  If not to another area completely, then to a single family home from the town home we currently live in.  We’ve been looking into different loan types and how much home we can afford.  Nothing serious, just for fun.

After we file our taxes, we may take our returns and see what we qualify for.

For me, I’m taking three classes this semester: Genetics and Evolution, Animal Biology, and Teaching Gifted and Talented Students.  The GT class meets on Saturdays, and the first one is this week at 9AM.  I’ve kept up with my assignments and my grading so far.  The classes have, thankfully enough, staggered their due dates so nothing is due on the same day… and in any case, I’ve been doing the work days (and in some cases, weeks) before they’re due.

This back and forth on the weather has been driving both of us up the wall.  It’ll get cold and then warm and then cold again, and my allergies have been going absolutely crazy.  My body can’t handle this kind of stress.  I’ve lost some weight, which is good, but I have a lot more that I need to get off of me before we start looking into getting pregnant again, but our hope is to make that happen sometime this year or early next.

We were going to start this summer, but we pushed that date back due to some other things happening in this journey we call life that has caused us to postpone.

We have almost all of our credit card debt paid off, so our credit scores, which were already good, went up even more.  Not too much longer before they’ll be basically perfect.

In the mean time, we’re just keeping on doing what we’re doing.  We are having the first multi-generational service at church this Sunday, so I’ve been busy working on that.  Our Sundays have turned into family day after church, so Saturdays are pretty much taken up by our school work and getting stuff done.  The week is work, work, work and classes.

There’s more updates on my other blog about our family situation.  If you want access to it, e-mail me kel.henry85@gmail.com.

My head is splitting.  The school day is almost over.  I’m so so so ready to go home and see my wife.



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