Where Am I?

Amy, Erin, and I went to Pagan Pride in Raleigh this past weekend.  We had an absolutely amazing time.  I taught a class on the 12 powers of man, and we worked through a meditation with them.  I had so many people in my class that I ran out of the sheets everyone filled out afterwards for the reviews.  Once everyone had left, I snuck a peek at them, and got all positive remarks.  It was a really wonderful experience.

Next time, however, I think I will teach a class on something different.  The problem with all Pagan Pride events, I’ve noticed, is that many of the classes are information only with little to no application involved.  I want my next class to be a working class.  Less “here’s some information,” more “let’s do some energy work.”

We all had a really awesome time though.  Amy got to experience what Erin and I’s faith was all about.  She got to observe a ritual, and talk to vendors.  We bought a whole mess of incense and the most adorable little spoons to scoop it with.  I am really excited to start using them soon.

It was really busy.  Raleigh PPD pulls around 3000 people a year, making it one of the, if not the, largest PPD event in the Southeast.  I feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of that experience and teaching.  Erin said my class was the best of the day, but she might be biased.

One of the women in the class asked if I would be interested in coming to a weekend event sometime next year in the spring/summer time to facilitate a class with them, and I told her absolutely.

The next day, we had the option of going back to PPD or going to Ikea.  We decided on Ikea.  None of the classes were really screaming out to us, and I had never been to Ikea before, so we decided to make a day trip there on the way back.  We spent soooo much money redoing our bedroom and getting some much desired kitchen supplies.  We looked at couches, and when we get the money saved up for a new couch, we’re going to go back and get one.

All three of us are so completely over our couch now.  It’s fake leather (pleather?) and it is the absolute hardest thing to keep clean with the animals we have.  The cat fur sticks all over it, Bentley is obsessed with licking it, and it absorbs and holds body heat, so after sitting on it for five minutes, you feel like getting naked.

We’re over it.  We’re looking into getting it cleaned and selling it and then using the money we make to go towards the debt.  It came with a matching chaise…. and I’m debating on whether or not to sell it too so that we can get something that matches the new couch… I love the chaise… but it has the same problems and the damned couch… and the animals use it more than we do… We need something we can vacuum easily…

And not something so completely dark.  The couch is the dark brown… and so is the chaise… I’m reading for something lighter… something not so dark… Our new duvet (because we scrapped the comforter in our adulting) is white and blue and gorgeous.  We’re making way for more color…

Out with the old and in with the new!

This week is spirit week at school, so work is absolutely crazy.  I went to work in my pajamas on Monday, and yesterday, I had on a Hawaiian shirt.  Today, I’m a nerd… so I’m basically wearing what I normally wear.  I’m not even sure what tomorrow is… But each day degrades a little bit more and more in my classes as Friday gets closer and closer.

I feel bad for the substitute that will be in my room on Friday because I leave for Atlanta on Thursday for the conference in Florida on Friday.  My flight leaves Friday morning, the conference is Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, and then my flight leaves Saturday evening.  It’s going to be an absolutely insanely busy weekend, and I’ll probably be completely exhausted, but I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s such an awesome opportunity with the church.

I can’t even begin to express how awesome Unity is.  They have given us so much emotional and spiritual support when things were so rough between the failed adoption (which happened a little over a year ago) and then the crippling debt we’re working on getting out of…. Now we’re finally leveling off and feeling comfortable again.

Erin’s Tuesdays and Wednesdays are her “late nights” now.  She has class until 9-9:30, so she doesn’t end up getting home until nearly 10.  Then she has homework and stuff to do to get ready for work the next day.  I’ve been going to bed well before her these days, and that didn’t use to happen.  I cannot wait for her to get out of graduate school!!!

She’s been doing really freaking well though, and it’s so exciting to watch her confidence grow with her knowledge.  She’s finally starting to feel comfortable in the language and her abilities, and she’s soaring.  She took a quiz and did above the class average, and she felt really, really proud of herself.  I feel really proud of her too.

My graduate classes are going well.  I currently have an A in both of them, but it’s an insane amount of work.  I’m so glad that I won’t have this much to do next year since I’ll only have one class to take each semester, except for summer semester (where I’ll have to take two.)

I should be able to get my raise at the end of this year, and that will be a nice boost.

Life’s “new normal” is sinking in.  We’re getting into the routine of late nights and early mornings, and we’re slowly paying off the debt we owe.  One of the best things that happened recently, however, was that my home owner’s insurance was due this month, so I went to Geico to try and get a lower rate…

…And we saved $423…

…On better coverage…

How freaking awesome is that?!  And because I am a government employee and Erin and I are legally married, they docked additional money off our auto insurance too.  Working for the state as a government employee is amazing.  The only “non-benefit” is the low pay, but the rest is fantastic.  We get discounts everywhere we go, pretty much.

Ugh!  I can’t stop yawning.  The fatigue is real, yo.

I am sooooooooo glad that we decided to put off the baby-making until after this whole school thing is done and over with because there is NO WAY we could have done graduate school and have a baby at the same time.  It is waaaay too much work.  If the adoption had gone through or we’d had a baby when we tried last year, I wouldn’t be able to get my second Masters degree for awhile, so I’m happy I have the opportunity too now so that I don’t have to worry about school later…

Because I’ll tell you what: after I’m done with this degree???

No way in hell am I ever going back!

…Unless it’s to seminary…  But that’s a different story for a different day.


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