The Fatigue…

The fatigue I feel is unlike anything I think I have ever experienced in my life.

Photo Sep 08, 11 06 12 AMI am so, so, so glad that Erin and I decided to put off our continued baby-making until we’re both out of graduate school.  We would not be able to do anything.  There’s not enough time.

I’m wondering if this fatigue could be my period about to start.  I usually get really low energy and depressed the two days before my cycle starts and my face is slightly breaking out some, so who knows.  According to my phone app, though, I’m still two weeks early.  PCOS can suck a big fat one because it makes things so hard to track…

However, with the addition of Amy and her two cats to our household, there’s a very good chance that the cats aren’t the only ones reestablishing the hierarchy, and our cycles may be trying to figure out what’s going on.

I would be lost without my planner…. and my Instagram account (kelmh85) has turned into a long stream of “look at all this studying I am doing.”Photo Sep 12, 6 54 02 PM

Between working full time as a teacher and the grading that comes along with that… and working as the youth education coordinator at the church… and being full time in graduate school… and now working on preparing my lessons for Pagan Pride Days this upcoming weekend…

There’s not enough time.  There’s just not enough time in the day to get everything I need and want to get done, done.  The house is a mess…. The only reason that we’ve gotten the dishes done as much as we have is because Amy has made sure to put them in the dishwasher and start it.  Erin and I got so fed up with the house on Saturday that we cleaned for 30 minutes before going by the bank and starting our day.

I woke up and came down stairs and the dogs had killed some stuffed Photo Sep 12, 8 16 49 PMtoy all over everything, and I was like, “Fuck this… I need to sweep.  The bank can wait.”

Erin and I are looking into cooking more with the crock pot so that I can come home and have dinner just already ready to go instead of having to cook on top of everything else I’m doing.

I feel like I’ve pushed myself to my limits with the amount of stuff I have to do.

But at least I’m not bored… because if I get tired of watching videos for one class, then I can do my homework for my
second class, or work on my notes for my lecture in Raleigh this weekend, or grade papers.  There is always something.

We have big plans for this fall, too.  Lots of travelling around.  Aside from teaching at CNC PPD this weekend, next weekend, I will be going to Florida for a Unity Conference (they are paying for my flight!).  Since my two really goodPhoto Sep 14, 12 05 09 AM friends are getting married on October 11 (which is my birthday) and I’m in the wedding, Erin is planning some birthday surprises for October 3 (the weekend after Florida).  The following weekend is sucked up by wedding fun for our friends, the weekend after is our local chapter of Pagan Pride Day (where I’m teaching), and then the 24th is the Hincapie Race that my dad rides in every year, and we’re volunteering for it this year to help out.  The next Saturday is Halloween.  Then we have two weekend where *nothing* is planned before we’re off to Michigan for a week to spend Thanksgiving with family.

Holy Cow!  Things are about to get SERIOUSLY crazy!  I don’t think I realized just how much so until I just wrote it all out…  It makes me really want to go home and sleep, but I need pH test strips and other supplies for my water lab coming up… I just want to go home… I’m so… so… so… tired.

Photo Sep 13, 4 58 22 PMBut in other news: the cats were eating our plants, so we hung them up in our bay window, and Erin and I think it’s super cute!



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