Fear Vs. Love and the Gods’ Will

One of the things that our minister says almost every service is that every choice we make and every emotion we feel is either rooted in fear or love.

Fear is the root of negativity and negative emotions.  Love is the root of positivity and positive emotions.

One of the things we saw during and at the end of service every week is “There is only one power and one presence in my life and in the universe, the all loving goodness of God (or Spirit or Gods or whatever you wish to call it).”  We will often times start prayer and meditation time with “Dear Mother, Father God” because we understand that if there is only one power out there (and that is all loving), then we recognize that we can call it whatever we like and it won’t matter.

One of the things I’ve been working on with the kids at the church, whether they’re elementary, middle, or high school level is how we can better understand what Spirit is, how we can connect to that divine energy, and how our will and the will of Spirit can work together to create a more positive and abundant life for us and our planet.

The endgame for most (if not all people) is to live a happy and joyful life.  The details as to what will make that person happy and joyful will change, but at the end of the day, everyone wants to be happy and filled with joy.

This is the will of Spirit.

Let me say that a different way: Spirit (God/Gods/Divine Energy/etc) wants us to lead a happy, joyous life fill with positivity and abundance.  This may look different for each person, but Spirit wants us be prosperous.

Joy and Happiness are like an island in the middle of a vast ocean of Spirit’s Will.  We are swimmers in that vast ocean, and the current is always pushing us towards that island.  We can either choose to swim with that current or against that current.  When we choose to swim against the current, we experience hardship after hardship.  Negative emotions and situations flood our surroundings as Spirit tells us over and over again, “No, not this way… Turn around.”  When we choose to swim with that current, we aren’t without bumps or “bad days” because the current is always moving and we aren’t the only thing in the ocean, but we experience an easier journey.  A journey of less hardship and filled with more happiness and joy that we could ever imagine.

So the question is this: do you act fully out of love or do you have other motives?

If the answer is that you don’t act fully out of love, then here’s a pretty easy response: don’t act.

Acting can mean any number of things: a physical action, something you verbally say, a comment or a post on Facebook or other social media.  If it’s not out of love, then don’t do it.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m perfect at this.  There are times when I fail at not saying anything or not posting anything on social media that is negative or said out of a less than loving place, but the point is that I am working towards improvement in this area.

I’m also paying less and less attention to the local and national news stations.  Most of the time now, someone will say to me, “Hey, did you hear about X, Y, and Z?”  And I respond with, “No, I haven’t actually.  What’s that about?” Big name news stations (such as CNN, Fox, Huffington Post, Washington Post, etc) aren’t in the business of selling the truth.  They’re in the business of selling themselves.  The more viewers and more hits they get, the more they can charge for advertising and the more money they will make.  The want to sell stories, not the truth.

And fear is easy.  Fear is controlling.  Fear will suck you in and wrap you up in a shroud of negativity and not let you go.  Fear spreads faster than fire in the middle of a drought.

News companies love selling fear.  They love telling you about this terrorist attack or this explosion or this death or this threat…  And they don’t really care whether or not the people they talk about have been proven guilty or what the families of those affected have to say.

How many times have you seen a story about a traffic wreck where someone died but the names have been released and neither have any of the details?  What’s the point of that story?  And there’s always comments about “so and so must have been speeding/texting/drunk/doing something they shouldn’t have been doing” when we have no idea about anything having to do with the actual cause of the wreck.  Why is this story posted?  Fear.

It’s not to inform us about traffic.  It’s not so we’ll pray for the affect families (because 9 times out of 10, we never find out who they are).  It’s to make us feel afraid of going out on the streets with all these other “maniac” drivers out there.

How many times have you seen a story about so and so being arrested for “suspected child abuse”?  Suddenly there’s a blood bath about child abusers need to be “taken out back and shot” or “this is why I would never send my child to X place” or “so and so is a monster!”  This person hasn’t been proven guilty.  We don’t have any details behind the story.  What ends up happening?

We destroy the privacy of others.  We create such a bad situation for them that if they end up not being guilty they can’t ever find a job because of the negative press.  We start to fear letting our kids go out an play on the playground or taking them to school and leaving them there because someone could kidnap/assault/kill them.  Fear. Fear. Fear.

Why do you think we’ve seen a “rise” in mass shootings? Or that it seems like they just keep getting worse and worse?  Why is it that we never really heard of ISIS and now it’s like they’re putting poison in our cereal boxes? (Side note: they aren’t, I’m being dramatic.)

Because people are getting crazier?  Because we suddenly have things like twitter where we can get news and information as it happens?

No.  It’s because mainstream news media will put added focus on it and give people who commit these crimes some X amount of fame.

We’re surrounded and drowning in a world full of fear and confusion.  We are constantly being bombarded with negativity in our media, so the time to be aware of this and make a point to change our own thinking and actions has never been greater.

Don’t respond hatefully or negatively to the news, the people around you, your job, your family, your home, etc.  Give these stories, these people, these situations love or passive acceptance.  Do not feed the flames of negativity and fear.  If you don’t feed the fire, it will eventually go out and be replaced with a life full of love and positivity.


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