The First Day Upon The Year

Yesterday started The Days Upon the Year, or the Days outside of time.  It’s the five days preceding the Kemetic New Year, which Erin and I made a point of really celebrating this year.  It’s a time when Osiris, Horus the Elder, Set, Isis, and Nephthys are born. It’s a time where Ra, the Sun God, has no control over the happenings of the planet, so a lot of things can happen.

I’ve been feeling the energy building over the last few weeks, and last night, we set up our shrine to the five and lit the candle before Osiris, said a blessing and a prayer, lit some incense and then spent some time in quiet reflectiveness and colored.  We listened to some relaxing music and just enjoyed our time in peace.

Things have been in a constant state of shift here, which I guess is to be expected with the spiritual new year upon us.  The only constant in this world is change, right?  That’s what my minister always says.

When we got back from our honeymoon (which has one more blog update, and we just got our photos back so I can finish it hopefully this week), we immediately got all of our name change stuff done.  We went to the DMV and the SSA office and had zero problems getting everything changed like we needed to.  We’ve printed out the forms to update our passports, gotten our work names updated (I have a new e-mail address with school!), and then opened up a joint bank account.

We re-examined our debt.  Rather than trying to tackle it separately, we’ve decided to tackle it together.  We took every last penny of debt we had (including Erin’s school loans, car payment, and the mortgage) and put them all into a spread sheet before organizing them from smallest to largest.  We looked at how much we were paying on each compared to the minimum balance and then reduced all except the smallest to the minimum payment.  The extra money is all going towards the smallest bill, which happens to be Erin’s braces.

After that is paid of, which will be the end of August, we will move on to the second largest bill, which is the Best Buy credit card.  That should be paid off in September.

At this rate, we’ll have all of the credit card debt paid off by the end of next year, which is a huge deal for us.  This means that we’ll be able to start seriously getting into family planning at the end of next year at the latest.  I could start resurrecting my fertility blog once that gets closer because I don’t want to really get into all the fertility stuff here.

We have an interesting chain of events occur here, as well.  Erin and I have a friend, my best friend actually, who will be moving into our spare room in the next couple of months.  It’ll put her closer to her job and give us a little bit of extra income via her rent payment (which is ridiculously low), which we will be putting entirely towards the debt.  We don’t need her to move in with us to stay afloat, but she needs a place and we’d like to be out of debt sooner rather than later, so we both get helped out in this case.

At this point, Erin won’t be going to Germany, which I’m both happy and sad about.  Happy because I won’t be without her for a month to two months, but sad because she was looking forward to traveling outside of the country.  Now, I’m working on plans to go back to Germany (probably not this summer, but maybe next summer or the summer of 2017).  We want to go to Europe before we have children.  Erin has never been, and I want to take her there.  I want to show her the world, literally, and I plan on doing the best I can.

We’ve been looking into our next summer vacation, and we’ve found a couple of places in the Florida Keys that we’re interested in maybe going to for a week and then hitting up Harry Potter World on the way back in Orlando…

The only problem with these plans?  Graduate school.

Erin will be right in the thick of her second year classes, and if I get accepted into Clemson, I will be in my third semester of graduate classes as well.  It could be that we’re too busy to really go on anything fancy next year, but we’re looking into it just the same.

Speaking of Clemson, I got all my paperwork into the University, so now I’m just waiting to hear back from them.  Their summer term ends in August, and the fall one one starts in August, so I expect to hear from them in the next week or two before getting thrown head first back into the educational learning sphere.  I’m really excited, honestly.  This will provide me with my second masters, the ability to teach at the University level if I ever wanted to, and a really nice bump in pay.  By this time next year, I’ll have enough hours to bump into the next pay level, and that will be amazing.

It’s really the only pay grade that worth it in the educational system.  The only one above the Masters +30 is the doctorate level pay, and the amount of money you make there isn’t worth the extra effort it takes to get the doctorate.  If I ever decided to get a doctorate, I’d leave the classroom and go work in policy or university settings so that I could help the next generation of teachers become better teachers.

As for my teaching job, it’s starting back up week after next, but I’m going to be going to the school the next few days to work on getting my classroom set up.  I have a floater coming into my room during one of my planning periods, so I will have to keep myself really organized this year…

… This should be interesting.

Erin’s probably going to start laughing after reading that line.  My version of organized is… well… not very organized to the general eye of the beholder… and with someone else coming into my room on a daily basis, I’m going to have to keep it clean.

Stop laughing, Erin.  It’s what I have Beta Club students for (to clean my room for volunteer hours).

Aside from that, my last week at my summer job is next week.  I will be going back to the first Saturday of the month to keep me on the schedule.  I’ll still be able to open up during breaks and such if I want to, but if graduate school gets to be too much, I may have to let the job go next summer, which will be a little sad since I’ve been working there for almost a year now.

We’ve been working on not being lazy at home.  We’ve gotten a lot of our wedding photos hung up around the house and we’re working on getting our ancestor shrine up on the walls (we have the frames, now we need to get the pictures printed in black and white).  There is just stuff everywhere right now.  We’re cleaning out the spare closet, organizing wedding gifts, getting stuff put away (slowly), and just working on getting the house back into order.

Like I was saying earlier, this time of the year is a time for great changes and a time when the Evil One (Apep), whose name we don’t speak aloud, can try to come out into the world and cause a lot of problems.  There’s been a lot of chaos that we’re working on getting back into order with all the stuff we have going on, and today we had an interesting experience…

When we got home from the store, the house was really dark.  It wasn’t like a darkness that was normal either.  It was a darkness that felt like it was pressing in on us.  I didn’t mention anything at first until I started rubbing on my anxiety.  When I told Erin about it, she said that she felt the same way.

I said, “What if it’s the evil one?  The uncreated one??”

We turned on a lot of the lights to banish him and then it felt a lot better in the house.

Holy Cow, it’s nearly 2AM… I need to go to bed.


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