Honeymoon Part 3: St. Kitts and Puerto Rico

IMG_1630On day three, we woke up already docked in the port.  Erin and I got up an had a large breakfast, as usual, and then got our stuff from the room before heading downstairs.  This was our bus tour and private beach day.  When we got off the ship, there was a lot of people around holding signs to tell us where we needed to go.  It wasn’t time for our excursion yet, so we decided to wander around the city for a little bit and see what there was to see.

We made it a point NOT to carry cash around with us because we knew people would be trying to get money from us at every turn.  The day before, we’d been stopped at every turn by people wanting us to rent chairs or umbrellas or buy jewelry or anything else they were selling.  We used the “we don’t have any cash on us” as an excuse to get away quickly from people who were heckling us.

When we walked into the square at St. Kitts, there were groups of people around.  One of them approached us and IMG_1638plopped a monkey in Erin’s arms.  We told him no, and that we didn’t have any money, but he just told me to take some pictures and then switched the monkey to my arms and told Erin to take some pictures.  We told him again that we didn’t have any money.  He looked shocked, pointed us at an ATM at the casino, and then told us it was $20 total.

Excuse me? What?

IMG_1642“Unfortunately,” the casino wasn’t open.  We went around to a back path, and walked up along side the main area completely avoiding the guy, and then cut back onto the main street again.  We went out to the main road where we learned three really interesting things: very little was in English first, all the cars were on the opposite side of the road, and the steering wheels were all on the opposite sides as well.  I took as many pictures as I could that I could get to be clear.

We went hat shopping and I bought a bag.  I tried on almost every single hat at the store until I found one that fit my head.  I have the hardest time finding hats that fit me because my hair is so thick and my family has a “big head” IMG_1658problem, so they almost never fit.   BUT I found one and it was super floppy, and those were my two requirements: super floppy and fits.

When our time came to meet for the bus to go on our tour, we cut around to the back again to avoid monkey-man and then made a break for it to the gate.

We’re standing in a line after confirming we were in the right place.  Then, this native guy, who is black with these pretty kick ass dreads comes up to us as the group and directs us to his bus, which is actually his van and he’s joking around with the other bus drivers, and there are people all around like, “Hey, welcome onboard the blah blah blah wagon” in their super thick accents.

I lean over to Erin and say, “Do you feel like we’re in the middle of a Sense 8 episode?”

IMG_1662Her eyes got all wide, “Oh my gosh! Yes!  I was just about to say that!”

We got a really awesome tour of the surrounding area.  They drove us all the way up to the top of a mountain, stopped the bus, let us get out and take pictures, and then we went down the other side to a private beach where we spent the rest of the day snorkling and gathering shells and trying to even out our sunburns.

When it was time to go, we got back on the bus and headed back to the ship.  We got something to eat, avoided the entrance again, and then headed back to the ship about an hour or so before it took off.IMG_1701

The next day was Puerto Rico.  We didn’t get an excursion because my dad had told us about these forts that were walking distance from the pier.  We got up early, had breakfast, and left the ship for San Juan.  From the dock, I could see a fort, so we started walking towards it.  Everything…. Literally, everything…. was in Spanish.  It was amazing.

“It’s funny.” I said.

“What is?” Erin asked.

“That we had to go all the way to Puerto Rico to feel like we’re in a completely different country…”

IMG_1745“And it’s part of the United States?” She finished.

I laughed, “yes, exactly.”

We went up to the fort and found out that it didn’t open until nine, so we walked across to another fort, and by the time we got there, it was open.  We paid and walked around, read a lot about the Spanish-American War, took a lot of pictures.  There was a cat that was super friendly that we wanted to take home with us, but didn’t think that we could hide her in the ship… or in my bag… or anywhere, really.  She was young.IMG_1766

After the fort, we walked down through a neighborhood onto the main shopping district.  We stopped at a church and then I decided that I wanted a Jesus statue.  We went through a few stores and I couldn’t find what I was looking for, so we went up to the other fort.

IMG_1831They’re almost identical, and we didn’t have a lot of time, so we didn’t go through every part of it in detail.  The worst part of the cruise was that they gave us the least amount of time in the place where we had the most to do.  On our way to the gate, we started talking about our plans to come back and explore the area more.  We’d love to spend a week or more there and explore San Juan more and then go outside the city some and explore everywhere.

We got back on the ship and decided to get room service as the ship pulled out.  We showered, sat around in our bathrobes, ate food, drank, took pictures from our balcony, watched movies, and just spent time together.  We got dinner late, went to a movie, got pizza afterwards, and then went to bed.



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