The New Year is Upon Us

And boy oh boy does it feel AMAZING!

Wep Ronpet and Zep Tepi are approaching soon.  For this area, Zep Tepi is on August 6th, which means that Wep Ronpet begins on August 1st.  Zep Tepi is the Kemetic New Year and Wep Ronpet are the five calendar days that come before it that are the five days that aren’t actually part of the year.  They’re set apart from the rest of the year as the birthdays of Wesir, Heru-wer, Set, Aset, Nebt-het.

I can always feel the energy building as these days get closer and closer.  The desire to clean and organize and center…. So much happens as new creation begins to take place while other creations are coming to an end.

This year, Erin and I are going to celebrate each day with gifts and a big dinner on Zep Tepi.  We’re going to cultivate some family traditions.

The amazing thing that I’m noticing this year is the closing and opening of different events that are happening in my life.

First, last year I was was super baby crazed.  I wanted a kid more than anything else in the world and was getting seriously jealous of people who had kids and were getting pregnant so easily.  Now, I feel those emotions slipping out of me.  I’m no longer jealous.  I’m enjoying where I am now and living in this moment here with my wife.

Secondly, there’s so many things that are growing in my life.  We’re paying down our debt and have a solid plan to make it happen within two years, the elementary program at church is getting stronger every week, the high school program at the church is setting up a Wednesday evening group that they want me to help plan and get going, we’re working on a middle school program and strengthening the nursery program, but that’s not the most exciting thing…

I spoke to the minister today after service and not only did he agree… but he’s excited and wants me to organize….

A PAGAN SPIRIT CIRCLE WITHIN THE CHURCH!  Holy cow!  I’m so excited and blessed to have this opportunity to bring more Paganism into Unity and have the support and love there to make it happen.  There is truly no other church in the area that is this loving and accepting.

The new year is coming and so many GOOD things are happening!


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  1. Whoa! Good job, and congratulations! I’m sure you’ll do great! And Happy Wep Ronpet! 🙂

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