Quickie Before Bed

I haven’t forgotten about my honeymoon updates.  I promise more pictures are coming soon!  We were vacationing for 14 days, so there’s a lot more to tell.

The last few days have been really crazy and busy.  Erin got a raise at work.  She also found out that one of her clients is moving to GERMANY and that she may be going over there for some amount of time to train the new therapists.  She may also end up going over there once a month for maintenance purposes, but it’s all up in the air right now.  The bottom line is that she’s going to get her passport updated with her new name so that she can go to Germany if she ends up needing to.

We went to the bank today and talked to a financial guy about setting up a new JOINT checking account and getting our names changed there so that we could get our names changed at our jobs…. including our direct deposit stuff.

He told us about new thing they are doing called the Better Balance Credit, where there’s 0% interest the first year and if you make more than the minimum payment, the bank will give you $120 extra a year.  We’re hoping that Erin gets approved with a high enough amount that she will be able to do a cash advance on the card and we’ll pay off mine and then payoff the big payment a lot faster without any interest for a year.  Even if she doesn’t get the amount we need, zero interest for a year is less than what I’m paying on my debt now, so it will help.

I’m so happy that she’s willing to do so much to make sure that we’re both taken care of.  If she gets approved for the full amount, this could me a lot of open doors to us a lot sooner than we’d expected… because we could get the debt paid off faster and then use that line of credit to start fertility treatments and BUY SPERM!  Because the bank we are looking at using now is higher priced, but they have better reviews.

This is huge stuff for us!  So I’m super excited!

But more tomorrow (hopefully).  Night!


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  1. Germany!! That’s awesome! It’s a fun place to visit, even for work. So much delicious foods.

    Also yay money for sperm! That stuff is way too expensive, all things considered. I will never understand how they can charge so much for a vial. x.x

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