Honeymoon Part 2: Two Days at Sea, St. Martin

On the way into the ship, they take your picture in front of a back drop of the ship.  The photographer said, “Can you and your sister come over here and I’ll get your picture?”

I half laughed, and the photographer caught it, “Is everything okay?”

I said, laughing, “She’s my wife.”  He apologized profusely, asked if we were honeymooning, congratulated us, took our picture, congratulated us again, and we walked up the ramp.

When we got on the ship, our room wasn’t ready for about an hour and a half to two hours, so we decided to go get lunch, which was included in the price.  They told us the food was on “Deck 9, Lido, Mid,” so we checked the map they gave us, found an elevator, and carried our carry on bags up to the lunch room.  They recommended we bring a carry on in case our bags didn’t get up to our room until later that evening, since you check them in and they deliver them to the rooms.

We had the option to spend extra money to get our bags up to our room before everyone else, but line karma example 1 and 2: when IMG_9728we got done with lunch, it was close enough to go to our room, so we went down to see if it was ready, and we dropped our bags off… when we went leave, Erin’s bag was waiting for us at the door when we opened.  We drug it back in and then went to go get a drink.  I was a little surprised that we didn’t have my bag yet, but I didn’t care.  When we went to go get a drink, the bar was closing down to get everyone to go to the safety briefing.  On the way to our muster station, we saw my bag outside the room, so we threw it it in there.

After the briefing, we were in the first group to leave, so we decided to go unpack.  The room right next to us was complaining because they’d paid the extra money… and their bags weren’t all in their room yet.  I felt really good about not spending that money.

We finally managed to get a drink and got to watch the ship pull completely out.  We walked around and got an idea of were everything was.  By this time, it was pushing dinner time.  We had picked the “your time dining” option so that we could chose if we wanted to go to dinner early or later, and we will do that in the future when we go on our next cruise.  We got dressed up, went do dinner, and then we we got back to our room the bed had been turned down and we got a print out of the next day’s activities… and Carnival makes these towel animals each night and leaves them on the bed, so it was always fun coming back and checking to see what was next.

IMG_9736That night, we went to a movie out by the pool, got a free glass of champagne at the adult night club, and then went to the LGBT meet up.  We didn’t really meet anyone, but we enjoyed the drinks.  Afterwards, we went back to the room and cleaned up our rum drink glasses from earlier in the day.  We’d ordered some alcohol to be placed in our room prior to the cruise starting and we brought on two bottles of champagne, so we cleaned up the classes from the bar (which we could carry anywhere on the ship), filled them with our own alcohol (which we weren’t technically supposed to do), and then left our room with our own alcohol.  It helped us save money.

We were also awarded some on board credit, which was nice.

The next day, we went to a Harry Potter Trivia event, a Thriller dance lesson, and then a digital scavenger hunt.  We teamed up with a guy who was named Ray, they gave us this list of 20 items an three or four bonus items.  We set off across the ship, snapping photos, laughing IMG_9800-0and running.  When we got back, we found out that we’d only missed two photos, one of which was a picture of a lifeboat that didn’t exist.  When she tallied up the results, she told us that not only did we win, but we had a score that was higher than any score that she’d ever seen, so not only were we getting trophies, she sent us a bottle of champagne to our room as well!

We then went to dinner and to a piano bar where you called out a song and the performer would play it on the piano and play it.

The next day, we had an excursion set up in St. Martin.  Of all the four ports, St. Martin was our least favorite.  There were two main streets in Phillipsburg, and one of them was all food.  The second was all jewelry, and we weren’t shopping for high end jewelry.  I have zero desire to buy a set of earrings for $60 or a $2,000 ring for the hell of it.  The people were so unbelievably pushy, too.  We were both worried by the end of it that we weren’t going to enjoy the other days if they were all like this.

Don’t get us wrong… St. Martin was beautiful.  We swam in the crystal clear ocean and bought some authentic local food, and just really enjoyed ourselves, but we were exhausted from all the awkward “no, thank yous” we kept having to tell everyone.  When we were leaving, we decided that we wanted to make shirts that said, “No, we don’t want jewelry.”  We had money, but this cruise was a $2,000 wedding present from my parents, so we didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend.

I got a little burned that day, and after all the running around town from the scavenger hunt we did, we both slept really well that night.



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