Wedding of The Year

**Many photos are those of my friends and family; all photos can be clicked on to enlarge; this post is very long**

The last few days have been a blur.  I’m not eternally grateful that we got a videographer because everything went by so unbelievably fast.  They don’t lie when they say that it’s gone in the blink of an eye.  Absolutely unreal.

My cousins all want me to get married every year because the party was so amazing.  They said, “It can be to the same girl, just have a party like this every year.”  There literally wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  It was amazing.

Everything started Wednesday.  We had family and friends coming in, and Alex and I ran around to do some errands.  Thursday was the same way, except we absolutely had to be done by 5:30pm because we had to get to our rehearsal.  Our venue was amazing.  The two women who are in charge are fantastic.  They take care of everything.  When everyone got to the venue, they set us up outside and then we practiced walking in and then walking out.

I made sure to wear my shoes so that I could break them in some.  My feet are a half a size different, so they fixed one of them to fit me better by shoving some stuff down in the bottom of it.  At one point, we were waiting outside on the path and my foot slipped into a crack between two stones…  I rolled my ankle and in the process of falling, grabbed one of my bridesmaid’s (Amy 3) breast.  We’re not talking a slight gracing of a grab…. This was a full on complete and total… directly to second base… kind of grab.  I ended up just laughing into her shoulder.

She kept asking me if I was okay.

I wasn’t allowed to walk without an escort after that.

We went over the ceremony, practiced with the minister with the handfasting cords, and then he said, “I now pronounce you Mister and Missus Kelly and Erin H****-H****.”  Everyone looked at him, except me, because I’m the only who didn’t catch it.  We all got a good laugh and then he underlined it a couple times in the reading.

After that, we went to the rehearsal dinner.  It was at my parents’ clubhouse, and my mom hired a lifeguard to watch all the kids so the parents could have fun and the kids could swim.  The food was amazing, and it was great to see all of our family and friends there that night.  I went back and forth between going to my parents’ house for the night or going home with Erin and friends.  I ultimately chose to go home with my friends.  My sister, even though she flew in from Japan, was coming back in December, and there is no telling the next time I would see some of my long time friends again.

I don’t have any pictures from the rehearsal dinner because I was too busy enjoying the time and letting everyone else deal with getting pictures.  My mom hasn’t given me a copy of them all yet, but I know they’re coming to me soon, so I’ll make sure that I get that posted then.

I spent the night playing games with friends and having a few drinks before crashing.

And like I have the last few nights in a row, waking up well before my alarm goes off.

The next morning involved me showering with a shower cap to protect my pre-treated hair, which was an interesting experience.

I specifically worked out our time for getting up because I knew that SCOTUS was going to issue their opinion on same-sex marriage that morning.  It was the same day that Lawrence was ruled on in 2003 and the same day that Windsor was ruled on in 2013.  And why else would that have added this day to their opinion days?  I knew that I was going to be getting married on the single gay-est day of the year, and I made sure to put all my predictions out on Facebook the night before.  I also made sure that I would be on Twitter when it happened.

But I lost track of time, and then I looked down at my phone and saw it blowing up.  I thought, “I know I’m getting married today, but damn…” and then I looked at the time.  10:19AM.

“SHIT!”  I hop on Facebook and it is plastered with hearts made out of all fifty states and “LOVE WINS” and rainbows and celebrating.  “FUCK!”

Erin finally said, “Kel!  What is going on?”

“It’s everywhere!  It’s everywhere!”

“What is?”

“Weddings… marriage… same sex marriage!  The supreme court!”

I then had everyone around me looking at my phone.


IMG_9473We then went to the bridal party luncheon that my aunt threw for Erin and I.  We got everyone in our bridal party a gift, which included a mug of some sort and some jewelry or other trinket (obviously the guys didn’t get jewelry).  Everyone was gushing over their gifts, so we felt pretty good about our gift buying abilities.  I IMG_9408think my favorites were the mug I got for Alex which had a lot of the famous gay people coming out of closets when it comes in contact with hot liquids… and Amy’s mug that was an owl.  I feel like those were made specifically for them, but I feel like everyone’s gifts reflected their personalities a lot too.

IMG_9466It was great to see all the ladies (and bridesmen) in one place.  My dad took the other guys out for pizza, beer, and games.  He invited my sister-in-law’s (I love saying that) husband as well, and they told us that they really had a good time.  My dad definitely knows how to entertain.

The menu was wonderful.  The flowers were amazing.  My friend Tara was in from California, which was wonderful as well.

We left straight from the bridal party luncheon and went straight to the venue to start getting ready.  We have a lot of bridesmaids and brides who needed hair and makeup done and the photographers were showing up at 3pm, so we wanted to make sure that we were ready when they got there.

IMG_9478Ashley, my friend from high school and our hairdresser for the event, beat us there.  She started working on me right away, then the girls in my party, before moving into the next room to workIMG_9479 on Erin.  She worked her tail off to get us all ready.

I tried really hard not to let things like….


  • Not knowing if the photographer was there….
  • Who our videographer was….
  • Things going towards my eyes…
  • Alex’s tux not making it from my parents’ house…
  • The car paint going MIA…
  • The weather report flipping between 0%, 20%, 60% chances of rain somewhere between immediate and midnight.

IMG_9485IMG_9484The dressing room was really pretty and had lots of extra space.  At that point, Erin and I were separated.  Once we started the getting ready process, they all worked to make sure we didn’t see each other.  My group hung their plum dresses and started getting ready immediately.  Apparently, Erin’s side hung out and drank.  Why didn’t we get any alcohol?  Not fair!

In order of pictures, we have my sister Rachael (the maid of honor), Amy 3 and Alex (bridesmaid and bestman), Amanda (bridesmaid), Lindsay and Amy 2 (my bridesmaid and Erin’s bridesmaid, respectfully), and Ashley (our hairdresser).

Once we finished getting ready, the photographer came in and took some “formal” pictures of us getting ready.  What this means is, we faked it all.  He said it makes the pictures look better and rather than having serious and focused faces, we have smiling and happy faces.  But this didn’t stop us from getting other photos of us getting ready that weren’t faked:

After we were both ready, the photographers did what is called a first look shot.  They took me out and hid me in a building outside.  Then, they placed Erin with her back towards me facing the fountain.  Then, they counted to three, opened the doors and there she was… the single most stunning and beautiful woman I had every laid eyes one… my very soon to be wife.

I immediately started crying.

All of our wedding party was screaming at me through the glass door, “DON’T DO IT! DON’T DO IT!”

I walked towards her, and the photographer told me to stop, they took pictures and then they had Erin turn around.  I cried, she cried… I was so overwhelmed with how amazing she looked.  We had a moment and just hugged and kissed and laughed.  Then we got the rest of our bridal party photos done.

At one point, Stephen (the photographer, who doesn’t like being called “the photographer”) called us “Karen and Ellie.”  We’ve decided our celebrity name will be Karen… and we laughed, and then he did it again.  He was fantastic, so funny and knowledgeable.

We don’t have a lot of photos right now of these shots because the pictures haven’t come back yet, but we should have them soon, or at least some of them soon.

We then got ushered into the waiting room while people started to show up…. and then it happened…

The moment I’d been dreading.

Amanda walked into the dressing room, and curious about how many people were here, I asked Amanda, “How does it look?”

She shook her head, “It’s bad.”

That’s when I realized we were talking about the same thing.  I was talking about people.

She was talking about rain.

It was raining, and not only that, it was pouring.  I looked over at Erin when my mom and Karen, the planner, walked in.  They gave us the option of waiting 15 minutes or calling it.  We waiting, but then quickly realized by looking at the radar that it was getting worse before it got better.  We ended up sneaking out the back after everyone made a wall to block us from being seen so that we could sneak a peak out the back….

Erin, extremely disappointed, agreed to make the call to move the wedding inside.  They put us back in the room, got everyone seated, and got the party started.  We walked out to Yes to Love by Stefano, and the timing was perfect.  We gave our parents gifts of thanks, said our vows, got tied together (literally), kissed, and danced out to C’mon N’ Ride It by Quad City DJ’s.

We got family photos, ate, thanked people, cut the cake, and then something wonderful happened…

It stopped raining.  We got everyone outside, gave the sparklers, lit them up and did a fake exit.  We took what is called a “love shot” where Stephen spells out the word love with a sparkler to make it look like the word love is coming from our sparkler that I was holding.  It was a fantastic shot.  I can’t wait to show you how it came out because he showed it to us immediately after it was taken and it looks amazing.  It’s definitely NOT photoshopped.

We then came back inside, did the bouquet toss, and then started getting down and dancing until midnight!  It was the most perfect and amazing night.

People were telling us right and left about how wonderful the whole event was, how great the food was, fantastic the DJ was, etc.  We definitely struck it right.  People kept saying it was the best wedding they’d ever been to.  So. Freaking. Amazing.

After the wedding, Erin and I went to the Marriott for the night.  Our friends had decorated our cars, and I don’t have photos of the details on those, but I’ll get them.  They painted “Just married” and “brides squared = love” and “Love wins” and drew hearts and all kinds of other things.  It was really cute.

However, when we woke up the next morning, we woke up to this:

I will never understand why people think those things change minds.

Really?  Like we’re going to see this and think, “Holy shit, you know what?  They’re right!  This is a huge mistake!  We shouldn’t be gay.”

How angry and hateful… how disgusted does someone have to be… to take time out of their day to do this to someone else’s property?  I mean… really… this was done from anger and hate… it didn’t come from a place of love… it’s so unfortunate.

We got to my parents’ house for the Saturday morning brunch, and my sister’s friend said, “wow, that’s some first wedding gift.”

I replied, “I think the SCOTUS opinion was the first wedding gift… and I think that one wins.”


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  1. Jolene Poseidonae

    Crying over here reading this! YAY both of you! Congrats and WOOHOOO!!!!

  2. I’m so excited for you both! Congratulations and that’s for sharing so many pics of your wonderful day! All the best to you both!

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