Four Days and a Birthday

Today is Erin’s birthday. She’s 29 years old today. I’ve worked really hard to give her the best birthday ever this year since my graduate classes made me miss the last two. 

I threw her a surprise party with church friends on Friday. I am so happy to have friends at the church that are our age and that we can relate to on a spiritual level. It has been a wonderful experience. 

Today, I surprised Erin with a brand new bike of her choice. We were in the process of picking out the bike and her friend Jenn from NC walks up. I’d arranged for Erin to get her bike and then take it out trail riding with Jenn. She said she’d had a blast going over one of the harder trails in the area. Then I made crab cake Benedict for dinner. I made the Hollendaise sauce from scratch. It was pretty fantastic if I do say so myself. 

Tonight, we’re going to go out to a Thai restaurant of her choice and Alex is helping me with one final surprise. 🙂 I’m so excited. I have had so much fun planning out this weekend. 

Next week is crunch time on the wedding though. I need to:

  • Put stickers on the votive holders
  • Put stickers on the bubbles
  • Wrap votives and votive holders 
  • Create table signs 
  • Give seating chart to mom
  • Determine entrance song timing (we’re dancing in, and it will be taped so I will post it!)
  • Create fans
  • Buy cards and gift cards for parents
  • Wrap bridal party gifts
  • Make sure Erin has her new earrings 
  • We still need some gifts for Erin’s side

And to top it all off, I need to do three weeks of lesson plans for church because we won’t be there for two weeks. I also need to take the background check for our new teacher to the church for processing. 

Tomorrow will be busy, but thank the Gods that I have Alex here to help me while Erin is at work and that Er n is out of school to help when she gets home!!!



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