Six Days

We’re in single digits. 

My sister will be in town for a week from Japan later today. 

I picked up my best man, Alex, from the train station this week, and we’ve been catching up. He met Erin for the first time this week and later told me that I’d “got a good one this time.”

We had our final meeting with the venue today. We spent almost two hours going over wedding party placements, final numbers (125), and what time everything will be going on. 

Wedding ceremony is at 7 pm and the DJ will be having us party until midnight. My mom paid the remaining balance on the venue today and I saw the bill for the venue (including having the planner, catering, decorations, and floral): $11,450.

And that number doesn’t include the DJ, photographers, Videographer, cake, our dresses, gifts… Holy shit. 125 is a lot. And expensive! I had no idea before today just how much everything was going to cost. 

In other news, our church has a once monthly meeting of all the young adults: 21 to 30’s-ish. Tonight, I helped turn it into a surprise party for Erin. Her birthday is on Monday, so we started celebrations early. Some of her friends from NC and work came, so it was awesome. She was so surprised and happy. I’m glad I got to give her a good night. I have pictures, just not on my phone yet, so I will have to figure that out tomorrow. 

I love having a spiritual community that is growing and has a group of younger people that we can hold fellowship with. We didn’t get that at the UU in town… And the other was too far to drive too on a regular basis. 

We might also be in the early stages of starting up a pagan group there, but I need to get the middle school program up and running first. And Wednesday night youth program too.  So so so so much to do. First, though, I’m getting married and going on a fabulous honeymoon for two weeks. 

Six days!


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