Finding Joy

I had an absolutely fantastic time on Saturday at the retreat with Normandi Ellis.  It went from ten to six, and it was so intense.

We did multiple meditations where we interacted with different Gods, specifically Ma’at, Sakhmet, Anubis, and others.  The best part was where we paired up and traced each other’s bodies.  We then drew different scenarios from our lives on the tracings: triumph, sexuality, creativity, wisdom, grief, etc, and then we wrote about our different parts in our journals.  Then we wrote vows to the Gods all over them before burning them in the fire and releasing our old selves to welcome in the new selves.

I wrote about my grief with my struggles with infertility, and my triumph over my broken heart from past relationships.  I wrote about being a lesbian and being happy and proud to be myself.  I wrote about my faith in the Gods and spending time outside.  I wrote about good things and bad things, and when we burned them, I felt a real, honest release.

I finished up the excercise by saying, “I release all the negativity in my life and give thanks for all the positivity.”

And every since then, while things are still going on around me, I haven’t been able to stop smiling.

I have so much joy in my life right now.  Erin is finishing up her classes for the summer.  Our wedding is in 17 days.  My mom got us a videographer, and my dress is officially at their house.  We’re getting together our bridal party gifts for the luncheon the morning of the wedding.  We’re going to start working on the seating chart this week.  My mom is already starting to work on it, but Erin and I are going to make our own too to compare.

My mom got the tables and chairs rented for the rehearsal dinner and paid for the cake.

17 Days.

17 Days.

Holy Shit, I’m getting married in 17 Days.

I always wanted to get married, but after many years, I wasn’t sure it was ever going to happen… and now it’s going to happen… in 17 days.


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