It’s My Wedding Month!

Welcome to June!  The month of the Kel and Erin wedding.  Wedding festivities have already started to kick off and we’re definitely excited about every step in this process, taking the time to savor every moment and new experience.

This last week and the next couple of days have been extremely exhausting and trying.  Between the death of a young soul in the community and all the animals being sick, it’s been rough.  Elijah, our eldest ferret, goes to the vet for a wellness check up tomorrow.  We’ll see if he’s relatively healthy or if his time has come.  We’ve switched up his diet some, so we’re hoping that it will be a good checkup.

As for the wedding planning… We currently have 118 RSVPs, and I think that number may only go up to 120.  This is a big wedding, and feeding all these people that amount is going to be the biggest cost for us.  I didn’t know this, but food and alcohol costs are nearly half the budget… It’s more than our flowers, photographer, DJ, dresses, and cake… combined.  It’s really insanely expensive.


IMG_9195This past weekend, my cousin and aunt threw Erin and I a bridal shower.  It was really awesome.  We had BBQ and beans and Mac N’ Cheese.  There were games.  We had Bridal Shower Games.  It was amazing.

It started Saturday at one.  Erin and I were going to wake up and shower and go, but that didn’t end up happening.  We ended up waking up at 8am, having breakfast, watching Star Wars Episode V and just relaxing before getting ready to go.

We got there about 12:30 to IMG_9200check everything out.  There was an area for “Recipes for a Happy Marriage” where people could put their marriage advice.  We got a lot of cute ones, but some of them were absolutely hilarious.

We had drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic.  My dad and aunt started the IMG_9205IMG_9204party before we got there, as is traditional in my family, I think.  My dad started telling all kinds of stories about his work and past weddings and us growing up.  He entertained the guys pretty much the entire time.  The girls all sat around and talked about the wedding.  Except that we couldn’t use the words “bride” or “wedding.”

My cousin, who is getting married on September 5th of this year, had a game where we each got three rings and every time we used words with bride/bridal in them or wedding, we lost a ring.  At the end, the person with the most rings would win a prize.  I ended up winning this game. IMG_9209

Like I said, my dad pretty much entertained everyone.  I heard from my friends afterwards that he was hilarious.  At one point, he went outside to see some friends at the pool (this was at the neighborhood clubhouse) and he told them that there was a bridal shower going on in the clubhouse.

His friend asked, “Oh, how do you like you’re future son-in-law?”

He said, “Oh, I’m not gaining a son-in-law… I’m gaining a daughter-in-law.”  It made me smile.

IMG_9201Another game my cousin had going was a “guess that spice game.”  You had to smell the different spiced and try to guess what they were.  I sucked horribly at this one.  My mom ended up winning.  I think she only missed one of them, and it was a weird lemon spice that almost no one had heard of before.  I had no idea.

The last game we had was a “She said… She said…” game where it could be something about me or Erin or both of us.  We weren’t allowed to play this one.  My mom ended up winning this one two, but she gave her prize to the second place winner, which was my ex, Carol.  I found that amusing.IMG_9203

My mom said she probably shouldn’t have played that one, as she thought it was an unfair advantage since she knew me as well as she did and was able to get most of them because of process of elimination.

The decorations were amazing.  My cousin said Pinterest had been a thing at her house the last couple of months while she was planning everything out.  We had a ton of food left over, and I am actually going to head over there after I get off work and pick some leftovers up for dinner tonight.

I think the coolest part of the whole event was what happened while we were opening presents.  We went through all the gifts and then my cousin pulls out one more gift…  She says, “This was a special gift that was sent to me.”

I look at the card that says our names with a heart in between them.  Then Erin says, “Are you serious?”  I look at her and she’s looking at my cousin, who’s grinning from ear to ear.

I say, “What is it?”

Erin says, “That’s my mom’s handwriting.”

I look down at the card, “Really?”

This is a big deal.  Erin’s family hasn’t been 100% supportive of the gay, but her mom has been coming around.  I opened the card and Erin read it aloud.  It was filled with loving words, and ended with “I hope you enjoy this gift that I made for you.”

Inside was two candles, some napkin rings, and handmade napkins and place mats.  They matched our dining room, which she’s never seen.  It was the single most awesome gift we got that day.

The next day, Sunday, was spent at church, shopping, and cleaning.  I taught the morning service and then went to the second service.  We had a guest speaker today and he talked about the Law of Attraction and how if we want or need something, we have to believe that it will come to us as if it already has.  I decided that I wanted to create a vision board, so after service, we went to the veggie stand and then to my parents house where I picked up a cork board from my bedroom.

We went to Costco, took stuff home, and then went to TWO DIFFERENT WALMARTS trying to find two small kiddy pools.  We wanted one for the dogs and one for the ferrets.  We ended up getting a medium one for the dogs and a storage bin for the ferrets.

Our outside spigots don’t work, so we had to buy an indoor hose converter to fill the pool up on the deck. It worked extremely well, so we ended up letting Yukon out into the water that evening before just sitting on the deck and watching the storm roll in.  It was nice.

The ferrets storage bin was filled up with the 50lb back of rice that we picked up at Costco.  It turned into a huge mess, but they loved it so much that it was definitely worth it.

We also got all the supplies that we needed so that I could make laundry detergent again.  The last batch I made was just before THANKSGIVING OF 2013 and it just rain out this week.  This batch should last us until the start of 2017, if not longer.  And it only cost us $30 bucks.

If you’d like the recipe, click here.  But my suggestions would be to get the Zote bars early, cut them up, and let them dry out.  The grating part takes the longest and if they aren’t dry, the shavings will clump together.

Mix the ingredients a little at a time instead of throwing them all into the storage bin at one time.  It will make mixing everything together a lot easier.

The purex bottles make a good laundry detergent holder.  You can use the big bin to store everything and keep smaller amounts in the purex containers.  I have used this for well over a year and it is absolutely fantastic.  I will probably never buy laundry detergent every again.

Here’s a video of the ferrets in their rice pit:

And here’s Yukon and Bentley trying out their new pool:



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  1. Looks like such a great party! Glad you guys were able to spend it with family, and wow Erin’s mom! That’s a big deal!

    How cute are your animals with all their play stuff!?! Those ferrets are adorable! Hope the check up goes well…

    Just a few more days!!!! EEEKKK!!

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