Mixed Emotions 

Erin and I have two dogs: Yukon and Bentley. 

On Sunday, Yukon started having some diarrhea, so we put him on a chicken and rice diet. On Tuesday, he started vomiting (5 times within 30 minutes), so we rushed him to the vet. 

I ended up staying home with him. We got two different medications, and if he starts vomiting again we have to take him back for an X-ray. They gave him 700ml of fluids, which were gone within an hour. He lost three pounds in a month with no diet change. 

He’s doing better, I think. The meds seem to have stopped him up pretty well. Yukon is my first dog. He is the reason I like dogs as much as I do. I spent a lot of time training him up so that he’s the model for good behavior. 

I hate him being sick. 

Then, tonight, Bentley started in with the same symptoms. 

Erin and I love our dogs. This illness hasn’t made the last few days fun. Not to mention, we’re almost out of rice.

Prayers requested for speedy recoveries!! 

In other news, though, Carnival Cruise called and offered us an upgrade for a hugely discounted price. Guess whose two week honeymoon now includes a large balcony room on their cruise??? That’s right! It’s us!!!!

Now we can call room service and sit out on our balcony and eat and drink and enjoy our time together even more. Best. Summer. Ever. Happening. Soon!!!!! 

Marriage. Honeymoon. Love. Family. 


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