Making of Handfasting Cords

So this time, when Erin and I took the supplies out of the bag, we actually opened them and got everything we could done without the ankhs that I ordered through Amazon.

IMG_9027We started the day out by going to the Greek festival.  We stuffed our faces and toured the church.  I was reading the pamphlet they gave out and one part really struck me, “The Theotokos (the Mother of God) with the Christ Child teaches us a fundamental truth of Orthodoxy-that is, that Christ is to dwell in each of us.  Saint Ambrose expressed it well: “Every believing soul conceives and gives birth to the Word of God; Christ, by means of our faith, is the fruit of us all, thus we are all mothers of Christ.”  Thus, the same Christ that condescended to dwell in the Virgin Mary comes to be born in us, that we too may say, as did Saint Paul, “it is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me; and the life I now live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God (Gal 2:20).”

I showed it to Erin and said, “It’s a Unity Principle.”

It made me really want a statue of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus.  I still don’t call myself a Christian, and I IMG_9026never will I don’t think, but I’m still connected to that past and still connected to that faith, and drawn to it from what I’m learning at Unity, which teaches us that the Christ presence, the spirit of God, is within all life and that we are to connect with it how we can and share that light and presence with the world.

The understanding that the spirit of creation, of the Gods, is within all life was just a real eye opener to me in how I treat other people and how I react to situations in my life, and I’m starting to see that idea translated everywhere I go and in everything I read.

After that adventure and with full bellies, we drove up to the pagan store in Hendersonville.  I got a meditation CD and Erin got some candles and stones for her work with chakras that she’s going to start soon.  We came back and decided to start working on our cords after I booked Discovery Cove for July.  Honeymoons =/= Cheap!!!

IMG_9029 IMG_9028We started out by cutting one of each of our ribbon colors into six foot long stretches.  We tied a knot in one end about three to four inches in and then attached them to carabiners to hook them to the table for some pull.  We braided them all the way down and then tied a knot in the other end.

This part took a little longer than we IMG_9034expected it to because the cords kept flipping upside down on us, which meant we had to stop braiding, back up, and try again.  Finally, we got that part finished.  Erin and I kept thinking about how pretty they were going to look and the cats kept playing with them, so they have lots and lots of positive and loving energy in them.  We tied a second knot on the other end to leave ribbon lose like on the other end.  Then we went back and double knotted both sides because the ribbons are silk and we didn’t want them to fall apart.

Mine are the blue a purple, and Erin’s are the green and orange.

Next, we started working on the tassels.  We wanted to take back any supplies we didn’t need, so we cut open only half the of the beads just in case we were able to return any unused IMG_9043IMG_9042IMG_9049supplies.  We lined up the patterns that we wanted, picked out the charms that we wanted to add in the middle and on the end, then cut the wire and started to bead.  We used bowls to keep up with everything so it wouldn’t roll all over the place.

The next part was a little tricky.  We used wire because it was sturdy, but sturdy things can sometimes be more difficult to work with.  We started by taking the charm we wanted on the end, running the wire through it so that about an inch was through the hole, then we twisted the end up the rest of the wire tightly to secure the charm in place.IMG_9035

On the other end, we started to put the beads through and then push them over the twisted spot to really put a good hold in on the bottom charm.  If you decided to do this, make sure that your wire is small enough that twisting it will still be able to get through the hole in your beads.  The end result was really nice and the wire didn’t show very much.  We used a nice gold colored wire though so that even if it did show, it would still look nice and pretty.

The next part was just as difficult: figuring out how to attach the tassels to the cords.

We ended up pushing the end of the wires through the knots at the end of the cords and then wrapping the loose wire around the end of the cords to help secure it.  To tie it in, we pushed it back through the knot in the cords and then down through the first two or three beads.  Finally, we wrapped it around the wire between the bead a couple of times before cutting off any extra.

I can’t promise that no fingers were hurt in the making of these cords.  In fact, it sorta hurts to type this right now.  Silly index finger!

IMG_9044IMG_9045 IMG_9031 After that, it was wash, rinse, repeat for the next four tassels.  We watched chopped and laughed and talked while we worked.  I’ve read about people praying as they do them, but we put positive energy into them in our own way.  It’s whatever works for you.  It was a lot of fun.  I really can’t wait for our last charm to get here.

We created (or really, will create) six completed tassels.  We got the first five done today, and hopefully we’ll finish the last one next week when it gets here.

IMG_9047IMG_9048We plan on keeping them tied and then placing them into a shaddow box to hang up somewhere in our house to remind us of the bond we share.  41 days from now, I’ll be able to call Erin my wife.  And I’m so unbelievably happy and excited about it.  You can definitely plan a wedding in six months, just plan to work really hard for six months to get everything done!

Speaking of getting things done, I don’t think I mentioned this in my last post, but Erin and I went and applied for our marriage license on Friday.  I get to go pick it up on Monday and then we will put it in a safe place until June 26th!

Anyway, the almost end product that we have is beautiful.  Here’s a small gallery of what we completed today:


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  1. Very lovely. We just did different colored ribbons. Nothing fancy. My husband isn’t pagan so the ritual was for me alone. I kept it simple as to not make him or our guest uncomfortable. Several of our co-workers and 4 of our bosses were their and they are either heavily Chrisitian or Jewish.

  2. Those came out pretty neat. Seems like they are definitely full of love and positivity…

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