The Making of a Handfasting, Part Two

We have 53 “official” replies with approximately 80-100 “yes” responses total, so far.  Every day we are getting more and more response cards in the mail.

We still need to finish up the DJ survey, the photographer survey, and tell the caterer what our final thoughts are on the food.  We have to guests who aren’t going to be eating because they medically can’t eat anything (Eosinophillic Esophagitus.  It’s a bad one.).

I went around to about four different places after I wrote my last blog and none of them hand an ankhs.  The only other place I could check would be the Unity Festival that is on May 30th, but the bridal shower is that day, and I’m worried that we won’t have time to do both.  I ordered them online.  They’ve shipped and are supposed to be here on the 26th, but I imagine they’ll  be here mid-to-late next week.  That’s the final piece to the puzzle.

I took all the rest of the supplies that we got, laid them out, took a bunch IMG_8993of pictures and then put them all back in the bag.  We will hopefully be working on them more this weekend.

IMG_8990My side is has the purple and blue ribbon with the cream that ties the two of ours  together.  I have two types of beads for each color and some charms that we’ll hang in the tassels and on the end.

As far as matching charms go, we have the three, the infinity trinity knot, the ankhs once we get them, and our initials.  My mom gave us a K and an E for a gift at one point, and we weren’t sure what to do with them up until now. They’ll go on our cords, and it’ll be fantastic.  We also have pentacles, but they’re actually hair bows from Hot Topic, so we’re going to have to basically cut the pentacle off the bow and attach a loop for our cords, but when you’re pagan, you have to do what you have to do.

My cords have a couple of crosses that are significant of my past and my recent “coming to Jesus” moment. I also have a small ankh and an eye of Ra that will go on there as well.  And a paw print, for my insane love of animals.

Erin’s cords will be green and orange, tied together with the cream.  She has someIMG_8991 native american charms, a puzzle piece for autism, a Star of David for her attachment to Judaism through  her past, and some other nature charms (a feather, owl, etc).

It cost a little over $100 for all the supplies, so we’re going to only open up the beads as we need them so we can take back anything extra that  we have.

My mom bought wedding favors: a votive holder with “Love” and our names and the wedding date on them.  We ordered the candles for them yesterday, so  they should be here next week. She also got a ton of bubbles. We spent the evening yesterday putting stickers on them while drinking wine from our new glasses and Erin fixed the jam she made without the addition of pectin (that didn’t set because the recipe we used sucked) in our new sauce pan.

IMG_8959 IMG_8954Last weekend, we went strawberry picking with one of Erin’s friends from work.  It was a lot of fun.  The field had a ton of berries and they were all huge.  Some were even weirdly shaped.  We have one that we called the Apollo berry because he has extra toes and it sorta looked like his paw print.  I’d never been strawberry picking before, and I wasn’t sure about going this time because I didn’t know if I wanted to intrude on Erin’s time with her friends, which we value, but she really wanted me to come, so I did.  And I’m glad we did because….

IMG_8960We ended up picking a whole heck of a lot of strawberries.  We didn’t want them to go bad because the experience wasn’t exactly the cheapest thing we’d ever done, so we ate half of the bucket, froze the other half, and I looked up a crock pot jam recipe that didn’t use artificial pectin because we IMG_8961figured that it would be easier and less chemical-y.

Unfortunately, it didn’t set.

So then Erin did a bunch of research to see how she could make it set, and fixed the jam (pun intended) that we found ourselves in.  So while it was on the stove boiling, we drank a glass of wine, put the new wine stopper in the bottle (which was why we decided to have the wine to begin with), and put stickers on things.

IMG_9012 We’re still not done with the stickers.  It’s a lot like invitations… Do some as you go so you aren’t up late the night before trying to finish in a panic.  It’s getting there.  Erin go three boxes of the votives done and I got two boxes of bubbles done before we were both done with the whole thing for the time being.

Eventually, Erin deemed the jam complete and set it aside to cool.  It was at that point that the only logical thing to have for dinner was breakfast, so I cooked eggs and pulled some biscuits that I’d made and frozen and heated  them up.  We had vegetarian breakfast for dinner over white wine.  It was lovely.IMG_9015


As for the rest of the stuff, we’re in the process of finalizing the rest of the honeymoon.  It started out with a day trip to Miami the day before we boarded for our 8-day cruise, and it has turned into a full blown two week event.  We’re leaving two days before to go explore Fort Launderdale and Miami, we got a room through AirBNB, which I highly recommend doing for all vacations.  That website is amazing and so much cheaper than hotels.IMG_9016

We’re getting on the boat and then going on our cruise for 8 days, then driving to Orlando and spending a day at Disocovery Cove, swimming with dolphins, before coming home and having a day to “recover” before Erin and I get back to the grind.  We’ll probably do a lot of name changing stuff on that Monday as long as our license has come in.  I’m so freaking excited, it’s unreal.  Somewhere along the way, our honeymoon went from an 8 day adventure to a two week adventure, and I’m not complaining.

I had my first dress fitting on Thursday.  They have to shorten up the hem and adjust the top so that I don’t fall out of it and it needs five freaking bustles in the back to hold up the train, but it’s absolutely amazing.  I was worried I wasn’t going to like it anymore, but after I put it back on, I didn’t want to take it off.  It’s a lot of dress.

Erin, do NOT click on these links… I mean it… don’t do it!  It’s pictures of my dress for the masses, and if you click on it, you’ll ruin the surprise and then you’ll be sad and I’ll be sad… so don’t do it!  P.S. – I LOVE YOU!!! (here and here)

We still have two remaining invitations to give out, plus the ones we’re sending to random celebrities, like President Obama, Ellen, and Mickey Mouse.  Today, as soon as I get off here, we’re going to start working on our cords while watching a movie.  I’ll take lots of pictures and talk about the process and what we did in case anyone is interested in it for their own use.  Blog soon!


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  1. The dress is absolutely beautiful…so glad everything is working out well…only a few weeks left!

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