The Making of a Handfasting

Wedding planning is in full swing.  We have a consultation with the DJ coming up sometime in the next few weeks and we’re working on getting the last bit of our songs and such figured out.  The bridal shower is on the 30th, the rehearsal dinner invites go out this week, and response cards are slowly coming in.  We usually get one or two a day, and so far, they’ve been almost all yes.  Those that aren’t have been people we knew weren’t coming because they’re my dad’s coworkers and they have some conference to go to or something that causes them to be out of town.

We’ve gotten some gifts from people who aren’t coming, and we’ve got to start writing our thank you letters.  We’re going to have to reorganize our house by the end of it, and we’re already looking at storage containers to put classes and dishes we will no longer need but want to keep for our kids for when they go off to college or get their first place (that way, they have sets of stuff already and new things don’t have to be bought.  It was seriously the most awesome thing my parents did for me, and I can’t wait to do that for my kids.)

On Saturday, we ended up at Michael’s and we bought all the stuff for our handfasting cords, including beads and ribbons and charms.  The only things we’re missing are two Ankhs.  We checked the mall, and they didn’t have what we were looking for.  I asked around, and I found a place that might have them, so I’m going to go check them out today when I leave work (currently, I’m sitting in my room after school about to pack up and head out).  If that’s a fail, we’re going to wait until the Spiritual Unity event on May 30th, and if we don’t have time to get there (since that’s the day of our shower), then I’ll order them online and expedite the shipping costs.

Handfasting cords are used in Pagan wedding ceremonies to symbolize the tying together of two people into one.  It’s a representation of the Gods joining their souls together and once the cords are tied, they’re not supposed to be untied unless there’s some sort of a hand parting or divorce.  Erin and I have elected to create two separate sets of cords and then they will both be tied around us at the wedding in June.

After the ceremony, we’ll slip our hands out of the cords, place them on the table at our reception, and then we’ll have them placed in a shadow box to be hung up in our house somewhere as a reminder that we’re a team and joined together in front of the Gods, family, and friends.

We both picked out three different colors of ribbon: mine are blue, purple, and cream, and Erin’s are green, orange, and cream.  We have beads and charms to match.  The cords will be braided and the charms and beads will make the tassels on the ends.  I’m going to start posting pictures with details on the process as soon as I get home, which is after I check out this place I was advised on.


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