Manifesting Destiny


The Biltmore Estate, which is the largest house in the United States (I like to think of it as the equivalent of a European castle) are showing the costumes from Downton Abbey, which Erin, my mom, and I are all very obsessed with.  My mom really wanted to go, so a couple of weeks ago, I said, “So why don’t you go?”

She replied, “Well, when can you go?”

We hadn’t planned on going, but who’s going to give up an offer to go visit11152711_882140987249_8422129185826481735_n Biltmore?  No one, I know.  So we set the date for Saturday (aka, yesterday), got up early, went to my parents’ house for breakfast, and then headed out.  We got there just after 9:30 and bought tickets for 1:15pm, which was the earliest available time that they had.  We drove into the area, parked, and decided to walk the gardens, which were beautiful.  We walked all over the property, down to the lake, saw the waterfall, went through the various different gardens, then came back up, had lunch, and went to tour the house.

11174779_882139869489_8108087597077988805_nIt was really neat, honestly.  They had the costumes set up in different rooms where you’d expect to see that character, and then they had a blurb about the costume, who wore it, when they wore it, what was going on at the time, etc.  They also had a lot of history posters set up around the building too, so it was pretty cool to read all about the time period.  At one point or another, I forgot I was at Biltmore because it felt like I was actually in Downton.

Afterwards, we went down to one of the villages, did a winery tour, did a wine tasting, got some ice cream, and then headed home.  We were exhausted by the end of it and then we ended up staying over for dinner, so we got home and basically went to bed.

I mention all of this because I noticed something rather interesting to me.  Erin and I went to Biltmore with her mother two years ago just after we’d started dating.  I was about 235 pounds at the time, and then I decided to make a commitment to try to get that excess weight off of my 11182195_882135722799_9160390595860932323_nbody.  When I posted all these pictures, it caused some sort of filter trigger with old pictures and it popped up this old picture of Erin and I standing in front of Biltmore.

I absolutely could not believe what I saw.

I looked like a completely different person wearing the exact same jacket.  10423736_882141840539_2796370257838470227_nAt this point, I’m just four pounds shy of having lost 30 pounds in the past two years (it would have been more had I stuck to what I was doing instead of falling off the bandwagon).

We had a guest speaker at church today.  He was talking about prosperity and the law of attraction.  He had a really awesome analogy:

“Pretend for a moment that you work for a business.  Your job is to manage the employees, work with investors, create action plans, follow through with them, and make sure the profits don’t fail.  Your job is to basically run the company; however, you have a boss.  Wouldn’t you want to consult your boss before making any big decisions about the business?”

He was saying that is how the Gods work in our lives: we can manifest and act and reap the benefits of those actions, but we should always consult those wiser than us before making any final decisions.  I’m really starting to like the idea of the Law of Attraction, and I’ve decided that I’m going to put it into action by making a vision board for my room.  If I can lose almost 30 pounds (and counting), then I feel like I can make other things happen as well.

I’ve been reading a lot about stuff online about people who have done a lot with the Law of Attraction and how it has worked for them.  If anything this will help keep my mind on the positive instead of the negative, which is definitely a bonus.


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