I’m Beyond Ready…

… For the end of the school year. 

I spent the last two days finishing up the invitations to the wedding.  I can now happily report that they are ready to be mailed out TOMORROW!! We wrote 81 invitations, but all but maybe two or three are for at least two people. I think our head count is at 160 right now if everyone shows up, and we’re catering a buffet dinner with an open bar, so that’s pushing the limit of what is affordable. 

This process (and those of you here that read my other blog know the whole back story) has made me realize that I’m a lot like my mom. When we were going through everything and talking about the arch we’re having made for the ceremony, the designer kept talking about twigs and branches on it….

And I was like “nope.”  I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what my issue was with it until recently: it was too country. And I am NOT a country gal, just like my mom (even though she was raised on a farm, she’s sooooo not country).

So the invitations are going out tomorrow. Erin is taking them to the post office to have them weighed a second time just to be sure and then they’re off!! They’re so pretty. We gave some out by hand already and everyone kept bragging about how nice they were. And we’ve started getting response cards back already (everyone’s a yes so far!).

Shit is getting real, y’all. Everything is coming together. Everything is paid for. I have no idea what our budget looks like, but I know we have to be around the $22,000 mark, for real. Or we probably will be by the end of it since my mom upped the dinner package to the next level at the tasting. 

My cousin got the bridal shower invitation list, so we have that to look forward to at the end of May. I think it’s a “stock the kitchen” party, so that’ll be fun. And my Aunt (other side) got the bridal party luncheon list, and she wrote me back today saying my other cousins had been visiting that week and were helping her plan it. We still need to figure out the rehearsal dinner because half our people are from out of town, and I feel like that’s a lot of people to invite. 

My mom’s all about formality, so all the out of towners get invites to it. 

In other news, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw where my local news station posted an article about the woman who used a turkey baster and a known donor to get pregnant and the donor sued and got partial custody because “medical instruments” (aka, a doctor and a proper facility) wasn’t used. 

She said that they had a verbal agreement about how things would be and then they fought over the baby’s name…

I’m sorry, but that woman and anyone else who uses a known donor in the privacy of their own home without prior legal paperwork done up by a lawyer is an idiot and asking for trouble. She didn’t think he’d be involved? They verbally agreed?

Whatever. I don’t care how much my “known donor” (which we thought about having one, we’re talking to a guy who is an awesome friend of ours, then decided against it to protect him and us) says he’s okay with not being involved, if that’s what he says, I would pay the lawyer whatever I needed to just to be on the safe side. Why would ANYONE EVER put their family at risk like that??

In home stuff starts blurring lines without a lawyer. So and so could come back and claim different things went down and then it’s my word against his, and his DNA is half my kid, so it looks pretty damning to me. So foolish. So stupid. 

“Maybe she couldn’t afford the lawyer.” Then maybe she shouldn’t have had kids with that guy. If you can’t legally protect your family and you decide to have your family anyway, you deserve every fucked up thing that happens to you. 

We use a bank because they take care of legalities for us. And we use a doctor for added protection (and for fertility reasons) since they’re the only ones a court would consider in the whole “medical tools” bit or whatever. 

I’m sorry, but protect your family. No excuses. That story just got me fired up. 


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