69 Days… TeeHeeHee

The end of the school year is so unbelievably stressful.  There’s so much going on (and to top it all of, I’ve been sick for a week and now have laryngitis worse than I’ve ever had it before), and now that I’m the Youth Education Coordinator for Unity Church, there’s even more going on.  Right now, I’m in the middle of finishing up all the stuff I need to finish up with my Biology classes so that we can get into review mode for their final, which is at the end of May.  Totally freaked about how soon it is.  So on top of making sure they are ready and making sure I have enough grades, I’m also doing lesson plans every week for Unity for the elementary school kids.

I need to get ahead on those too, because I won’t be around a whole lot in June (wedding) and July (honeymoon).

Speaking of wedding planning, we’re 69 days away from the big day!!  It’s really hard to believe that we’ve manage to get everything planned out the way that we want it to be planned out in just six-ish short months.  Originally, we wanted a fall wedding because we wanted it to be outside when it wasn’t so hot.  We were thinking over labor day weekend, but then we decided Thanksgiving would give us more time to plan and more people would have the time off.

But my mom said that my sister might not be able to get both that and Christmas as times to come back here from Japan, so we changed the date… and we kept backing it up until we reached June.  I’m glad we didn’t go with Labor Day weekend, though, because my cousin got engaged and September 5th is her wedding day!  I’m super excited about going to that one with my wife when the time comes.  Also, I found out that a friend of mine from high school is also getting married on that day, so it turned out to be a popular day for weddings!  Fall usually is.


We split our invitation list into “locals” and “out-of-towners.” The list in front of me is only one of those lists….

Anyway, we are having a summer wedding in 69 days, and it’s absolutely unreal the amount of work and planning and time that it takes to get everything done.  Every time we turn around there’s one more thing we have to do.  For example, our save the dates went out to out of towners awhile back so that they would have the wedding website address… Next week, we send out our INVITATIONS!  So guess what I’ve been doing the last two or so weeks?  ADDRESSING THEM!

We used WeddingPaperDivas.com for our wedding invitations.  They’re amazing, and they even specialized ours more than they had too.. We wanted different colors than they offered and we wanted them upside down… Then they went through and changed all the sons and hes to daughters and shes, so it worked out really well.  I highly recommend them.

I’ve also handed out quite a few invitations to local friends that I see on a regular basis and we’ve already gotten response cards for a lot of them: all of them are yeses!  Every time I see that little card in the mail, I think about how shit’s getting real!

My dress should be coming in early next month so that I can do my first fitting.  I’m so nervous about it fitting properly!  Erin’s dress is already in and perfect.  She didn’t need any alterations, so my mom picked it up and hid it in their house.

What else have we done?  We ordered the guest party favors.  They’re little votive holders with our names and wedding date on them.  We’re going to get vanilla scented candles to go in them because the vanilla candle story is how I found out that Erin liked me in a “more than friends” kind of way.  She’d gone way out of her way to find me a woodwick candle (my fav) in vanilla (also my fav) as a housewarming gift, and I was so happy and internally upset because she was “so amazing” and I was all like, “why, why, why doesn’t this perfect girl LIKE ME like I LIKE HER!  This is soooo unfair.

That was the first night she spent the night (on the couch, her choice because she didn’t want to move too fast), and we shared our first kiss.  I was on cloud nine and smiled myself to sleep that night.  Hard to believe that was my first kiss with my future wife!!! Not that I’m excited or anything.

We also had our cake tasting with our baker this past week. We’re doing a four tiered cake… with vanilla buttercream icing and a green strip of fondant around the base of each tier… Then there’s dark purple sqiggles in five different spots where we’ll put fresh calla lillies (the flower of our wedding).  The bottom layer is lemon, and then the one above is key lime, then lemon again, and key lime on top.  We’re not saving our top layer… From all reports, they end up pretty gross by the first anniversary.

Instead, our baker does “Anniversary Cakes” where they will remake the top tier for us at a discounted price.  It’s apparently a new trend, so that’ll be fantastic. 🙂

Today we took all our “Bridesmen” and my dad’s measurements to the tux rental place and got them reserved.  My dad will have to go over there sometime soonish to get his coat size measured (because we just went off what we had, and that wasn’t enough, apparently).  They’re medium gray with white shirts.  Erin’s guys have an emerald vest, tie, and pocket square.  My guys have a plum vest, tie, and pocket square.

All of our bridesmaids except for one of mine have their dresses now too.  My last girl is going to go get hers next week.  I may have to harass her and remind her every day until she does.  We’re getting so close to crunch time!

We finished the ceremony and sent it to our minister, who wrote me back and said he was super excited about being there.

We still have to figure out the videographer.  My parents aren’t sure about the price tag for the entire day ($1,350), but I told them that all we really wanted was the ceremony because we’re dancing into and out of it.  We’ll see what they say.  They said they had to look at the budget.  I’m not terribly worried.

Funny side track:

I was talking to my mom the other day about how insanely busy wedding planning is making me and how I don’t understand why there’s all this stuff that goes along with it.  She laughed and said, “What did you expect?”

I said, “I don’t know, something simpler?  I mean, I’m not complaining but it’s just all a bit overwhelming sometimes.  You get to a point where you can’t invite everyone and so you think about who will or won’t be offended by a lack of invite, and then you wonder if you should cut others to make sure.”

She laughed again, “This is what y’all signed up for!”

I said, “I guess I’m not really surprised, I am a H**** after all and we don’t do anything less than extravagant.”

We still have a long list of things to do… Erin and I both need our accessories for our dresses.  We have to buy our bridal party gifts.  We have to get our wedding rings.  We need to go through our DJ request list and the long list of questions that the photographer sent us about what we were doing and who all was going to be there…. And once we get responses back, we have to finalize the meal, get our seating chart together, and do 500 other things, I’m sure.

Sorry for this post being some sort of long ramble.  I know it’s not spiritual based, but I just wanted to talk about everything we’d accomplished so I didn’t feel so bad about sleeping and being laid up for the last almost week from this stupid sinus infection that has escalated into my throat and lungs…  Writing it out helps. Tootles!


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