Let It Shine!

I’ve been struggling to keep everything together the last two days. I feel so overwhelmed with Tori’s situation, and how horrible it is for everyone involved. To be okay one day and the crashing the next… It’s so very, very unreal to me. 

There haven’t been any updates yet. Heather, apparently, didn’t want things on Facebook until things happened. I spoke to my friend who is down there and offered my love, support, and help to anyone who needs it. 

She told me they are taking her off life support tomorrow morning once her dad gets to Atlanta. I’ve been watching her Facebook blow up with an outpouring of love and support. This has really rocked the community to its core. 

It’s a lot to process. I’ve struggled with it since I found out about everything. I’ve been doing other things, like trying to write a blog or work in the wedding, but I’m struggling to keep my mind clear and focused. We ordered our wedding cake today and I kept stumbling over words. 

Foggy. I felt foggy. 

And my grief, I know, is no where near the level it is of Tori’s family. I can’t even imagine what they are feeling right now. 

Gods, there needs to be a miracle. And it needs to be now. 


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