Stop stealing from your fellow pagans!

I teaching and deal with plagiarism from my students quite a bit… but I absolutely CANNOT STAND IT when I see someone “writing” an “original piece,” and I think to myself, “That doesn’t sound like something they would normally write…”

Tracing back to the source is as easy as copying and pasting lines through Google, and BAM: caught. Seriously, how hard is it to give credit to the people who actually worked really hard for that blog or website or book?

Plagiarism doesn’t just make the guilty person look bad, but it also makes everyone else in the community look bad too.

Pagan Activist

One of the recent dust-ups which have come up the greater pagan community the last few weeks has been the issue of copyright. In this round the trouble has included people posting content which is not their own as if it were as well as Facebook groups with unauthorized pdf copies of books freely available for download. In case any of you may not be sure, these acts are not only unethical but illegal.

There are already plenty of posts online explaining the basics of copyright. My friend Jennett (a fellow librarian) has a post about copyright and pagans here and Fire Lyte has an excellent post here. Go read both of them after you finish here.

In my professional life, both copyright and ethics are interests. I’m a supporter of Creative Commons and other alternatives to current copyright because I think the laws have become draconian thanks…

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