TPE – On The Human Condition

I’m writing for The Pagan Experience. This week, the topic is our thoughts on humanity.  How do you define “humanity”? What is your contribution to the collective space of humanity? How does your spiritual path support this definition and contributions? For more blogs on this topic, go here.

It’s interesting to me that this week’s topic comes at the end of the series we’ve had at Unity, the church that Erin and I attend.  The church believes and preaches that “all paths lead to God,” and we are welcomed there as Pagans and as Kemetics.  It’s been a wonderful experience to be in a place of worship that is open to all faiths and practices.

Unity believes in the five basic universal principles.  They hold true for all of humanity whether you believe them or not.  The first one is that God is in all things.  The second is that Humanity is divine.  The third is that our thoughts and feelings affect our physical world.  The fourth is that affirmative prayer works.  And the fifth is that we can’t just know these principles, we have to live them.

We’ve been talking a lot the last five weeks about the nature of humanity and the human condition, and I’ve been trying to work these principles more into my every day life, and it has been challenging.

I define “humanity” as Homo sapiens.  I believe that every human contributes to humanity.  I believe that humanity has a physical nature and a divine nature, and that if we aren’t spiritually awoken, we’ll never fully understand what it means that we are divine.

The divine energy, however we wish to define it, is in us, around us, above us, and below us.  Because it is within us and all around us, then we are, by that same thought, within in.  We are divine.  We have a divine spiritual nature.  Humanity is divine by nature.  But we are also immature, and we make mistakes.

If we put the entire life of the planet into a 24 hour day, humans would only have existed for the last two seconds.  We haven’t, as a species, been around very long.  We’re still children in the eyes of the divine spirit, and children make mistakes, but just look how far we’ve come as a species and how much better things are now than they were.  Less people are dying of preventable diseases, we’re living longer, we’re eating cleaner, we’re more understanding of civil and human rights.  We are, very slowly, becoming more mature as a species.  But it isn’t something that will happen overnight.

So what are my contributions to humanity and how does my spiritual path support those contributions?  The fifth principles calls on us to act on our beliefs.  We are all divine in nature, and when we interact with others, we interact with the divine energy in them as they interact with the divine energy in us.

Actions speak louder than words, and I am a teacher.  Not just science to high school students, but I see myself as a spiritual teacher as well.  I’m not one in any official capacity, but with the amount of time that I spend talking about faith and spirituality to people, answering questions that come to me, and helping others to feel better about situations in their lives, I feel like the Gods are pointing me in that direction.  Or at least to notice that this is part of my calling on the planet.

I try to guide people to be more spiritually aware of their divine nature.  I want people to become more spiritual versions of themselves, and when they approach me, I will respond.  But when I’m not approached, I simply model the behavior I want to see in others.

That’s what the fifth principle calls us to do: act on the other four principles in ourselves and model that to others.  Respond to situations that happen in our lives in a positive spiritual manner, and we’ll see the situations around us begin to turn into a more positive situation.


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