TPE – All Paths Lead to God

I’m writing for The Pagan Experience.  This week, the topic is to write on the letters A or B.  To read more blogs on this topic, go here.

One of the things they teach us about in our Education classes is that not all people learn the same way.  Some people learn from seeing while others learn from reading or doing.  To reach all learners where they’re at, we’re taught different ways to teach different types of learners, and we’re expected to use as many of those different types of teaching as possible so we can reach all of our students.

Of course, then the people who haven’t been in a classroom end up throwing it all to shit by forcing all students to take the same test at the end of the year or putting them all through a copy cat system designed to educate people in a way they feel they should be educated, but that’s a different blog for a different time.

What the point for me here is: education doesn’t stop at math, science, history and english… It goes past that into our every day experiences.  We learn many lessons simply by being alive, and many of that flows over into our lives as spiritual beings.  With that being the case, how can we possibly say that this path or that path is the one true and right way to believe?

The answer is simple: we can’t.

I think there’s a general consensus among theists that “God” in whatever name you wish to call Her/Him is all powerful.  That there isn’t anything that our Higher Power can’t do.  They’re aware of all things at all times.

If this is the case, then when we put boundaries on this higher power, we are limiting the divine energy, which is, and many will agree, limitless.  The Gods don’t hate anyone.  That divine energy can’t be hateful.  There is no being in a big chair pushing the punishment buzzer for our mistakes.  If God is limitless and loving, then there is limitless love.  The End.

So what does it say about us that we have a single path of a limited view of this higher power and then try to make all others follow our same path?  Someone may be comforted by the idea of a savior while others may not.  The Bible even suggests that there is more than one God.  Throughout all of Genesis, God refers to “himself” in the plural.  And Cain and Abel’s wives had to come from somewhere, and I don’t believe the incest argument.

Joshua even says, “If worshiping God is evil in your sight, choose this day whom you will serve, whether it is the Gods of your ancestors or those of the lands that you now live in or the Gods of Egypt across the Nile.”  He literally acknowledges all the other Gods that are out there and tells them, “look, it’s okay if you go to worship these other Gods, but don’t start worshiping this God and then stop because He will be pissed.”

Nearly every Pagan I have ever met believes that all paths are okay (except for some who deny Christianity, which you can’t do and still say that all paths are okay).

If the divine energy is limitless, then it must be inside of us because if we say that that energy isn’t, then we are putting a limit on the higher powers.  We are never separated from the Gods.  We are never separated from that energy.  It is in us and we are in it.  With that being the case, the path we are on is a path that connects us with that divine spiritual energy.  We don’t have to follow some set of rules or dogma to connect, we are connected.

Now, it’s okay if you do those rituals and prayers and the rest of it because sometimes we feel disconnected.  Those things we do help us to reconnect to the divine energy within us and around us, so it’s perfectly okay to do whatever we feel we need to do to connect with that energy; however, keep in mind that there is no wrong way to connect.

If something doesn’t feel right to you, then maybe you are on the wrong path.  Maybe it’s time to rethink what your spirit is telling you and work on focusing on connecting to the divine energy rather than what color goes with what corner or that your spell is rhyming correctly.  If those things help you connect, great, but they shouldn’t stress or bother you into feeling like you’re doing something wrong.  If you feel that way, then you are and you should stop completely and re-evaluate.

You are never disconnected from the divine energy, the divine source.  Don’t let anything in your life make you feel that you are, especially if it’s under the guise of being spiritual.


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