What is Evil?


Image by Unity Church of G’Vegas

Erin and I attend a Unity Church.  They believe in the five principles, which I’ve mentioned a couple times in recent blogs.  The minister has even said that some people refer to the church as Neo-Pagan, which I find amusing because if you compare Jesus to the time he lived in, he could have been considered a Pagan himself (he hung out in a group with himself and 12 other guys when the average size of a coven is 13, and he went around a healed people.  Tell me that’s not magic).

Currently the church is doing a five week series on the five principles.  This past Sunday was principle one, which as you can see above, states, “There is only one power and one presence in my life, the all loving goodness of God.”

As a Kemetic, I fully believe this statement; however, instead of calling this divine power God, I call this divine power, Netjer.  I wrote about the first part of this principle in a previous blog called “What is God?”  In that blog, I talk about how there is one divine presence in all of us, and everything is part of this single divine presence.  All of the Gods and Goddesses that exist are all part of this divine energy, just as we, as humans, are also part of that divine energy.

I mention that there is NOTHING ELSE other than this divine, loving, energy because if this Divine Spirit/God/Netjer is everywhere and in everything, there is literally no room for anything else.

So then the question becomes, “If ‘God’ is in everything and everywhere, and is all good and loving, why is there evil?  Why do bad things happen to people?”

My answer is quite simple: humans are immature.

Consider this for a moment:  Let’s say, for the time being, that the Divine Energy we call God or the Gods or Netjer isn’t the only power out there and that there is some other energy source out there that is fighting for our souls or causing all the bad things that are happening out there.  This view point implies that evil truly exists and is inevitable.

If evil is inevitable, then there is nothing we can do about it.  Evil will happen, and that’s that.

That, my friends, is simply a way for us, as humans, to get out of trying to fix all the problems that are out there.  It’s a way for us to take the blame off ourselves and place it on some power that we can’t control that we can’t stop.  It also implies that the good and loving power in our lives isn’t all powerful because if this power was, then it should be able to stop the other from doing what it is doing.  And any God that has made a pact with an evil doer for our souls or allows an evil power to do bad things is not at all “all loving and all good.”  That’s the equivalent of a parent allowing someone else to seriously hurt their child repeatedly and not stepping in to stop that person.

If we believe that this higher power is all good and all powerful, then we can’t believe that there is some other source out there.

If that’s the case, then the only ones we have to blame for evil in our lives is ourselves.

“Well, wait a moment, I’m not the one who goes out and murders people or starts wars or insights genocide!  I’m not part of the problem, I’m not evil!”

Well, sure, okay, but if you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  If you aren’t actively working towards a world where there is no more war, or hate, or killing, or sickness, or poverty, then you are part of the problem.  You are tolerating the problem and the people who do those things, and that is just as bad.

“What about cancer?  I didn’t cause cancer!”

Yes and no.  Maybe you didn’t physically cause the cancer in your body or in your loved one’s body, but maybe you or they smoked or tanned or did all those things they tell us not to do because they might cause cancer.  Maybe you didn’t, and cancer just runs in your family.  Maybe you or your family member really did just draw out the short stick, but here’s the deal: We know what causes cancer.  Cancer is caused by mutated DNA in cells in our body that disrupts the cell’s mechanism to control cell growth.  Cancer cells are cells that grow out of control and don’t stop.

We know what causes it, and if we know the cause, we could stop it from happening.  But there are forces out there, human forces, who cut funding to medical research or stop it all together.  And the worse part? WE VOTE FOR THESE PEOPLE.  We allow them to be controlled by companies that might not benefit if cancer was to be cured (like billion dollar chemotherapy industry).  You can say we don’t know that much about cancer and how cancer has all these different components to it, and that’s true… but that doesn’t change the fact that we could learn more if more people were doing research and that would happen if there was more money for it, which there isn’t.

“Okay, well, what about natural disasters?”

Our planet is a very balanced system, and ever since it’s creation, there have been weather patterns and different natural disasters.  We can’t control that stuff, but we could work towards earlier detection.  We could look into links between human actions and planetary reactions.  We could look into faster response times when disasters strike or come up with better plans to help those who are affected by disasters.  We could fund research designed at creating buildings and building materials that can withstand the disasters.

It’s in our ideas that we’re separated from each other and the planet that causes us to act the way we do.  We live in a society that is “kill or be killed” and “every wo/man for themselves!”  This leads us to focus on things that are good for us or a group of people like us rather than society as a whole, and this is where the “bad things” start to creep in.

We say things like, “Our education system is failing! Pull your kids out and put them in private school!” But then we do nothing to fix the schools or provide ways for families who can’t afford private school to help their children.

We say things like, “Gas prices are too expensive!” But then we don’t fund alternative sources of power or technologies that wold make our dependence on gas go down or make those things affordable.

Rather than accepting responsibility for our actions as a society, we say things like, “Bad things happen because you don’t have [insert name of God or higher power or savior here] and if you did, everything in your life would be better.”  And then we will actually go out into the world and fight and kill people over it.  We see that in the war between the Israelites and Palestinians, and we’ve seen it in Christianity’s Global Take-Over.  We see it every single time a “Christian” calls a Muslim a terrorist for no reason other than they are Muslim.

Rather than accepting responsibility for our actions as a society, we say things like, “Well, if this black man wasn’t breaking the law or resisting arrest, he wouldn’t have been shot and killed.”  And we ignore the numbers that show that people who are black are killed and shot far more often than others (and the only way we can do this is by believing that black people commit crime more often than white people).

I could keep going.

Why?  Why are we doing this?  Are you telling me that these acts of killing people are okay because there’s some devil out there that causes us to do bad things?  Or are you saying that it’s human actions that can be stopped and changed?

If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  Evil comes from human immaturity and lack of understanding or willingness to accept that bad things happen because we let them happen.  We are all responsible for what happens on this planet, and it’s time to stop blaming it on some “other power” that’s out there and start taking action to make things better.


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