Spirituality, Religion, and Weddings

The month of January is turning out to be an extremely spiritual and religious month for Erin and myself.  The church is going over the five principles which I started talking about the first one here, Erin and I are leading a spirit circle in our home in relation to the five principles for five weeks starting this past Sunday, I started blogging for the Kemetic Round Table and The Pagan Experience, and my class on the Kemetic Faith started today.

I feel like this is going to be a great year for spiritual growth for both Erin and I, and I feel like we’re going to be pushed to become better than we are currently.

One of the things that we’re working on with our impending wedding celebration is what will be said.  We spoke with our minister, who has put down our two dates (June 25th for the rehearsal and June 26th for the actual ceremony), and he sent me over 25 pages worth of information about different vows and wordings for ceremonies.

Oh. My. Gosh.  I couldn’t read any of it without getting super teary-eyed thinking about marrying Erin in a few months.

The interesting thing is, and the minister said this at my class tonight, that a lot of people consider Unity to be a Neo-Pagan church because of it’s lack of typical Christian doctrine and more Pagan like theology.  And when I was reading what he sent over, I could definitely see it in the words of some of the options he gave us.

I had seriously considered writing the ceremony myself, but if he has everything already done, then I’ll just modify that for the gay-ness once Erin and I pick out what we want and be done with it all.  The question is… What do we want exactly?

The words he gave us run from super religious and Bible-y (which is definitely out) to absolutely not Bible-y at all and borderline not theistic (which is also out).  I want a balance between the two.  I want to hold true to my faith and my beliefs, but I don’t want to make my future in-laws and family super uncomfortable with hyper-pagan language.

Where does that balance come in?  When it comes to the actual wedding, the guests may not remember the ceremony, but for me… I feel like that is the most important part of the entire event, and it’s the part that I want to be absolutely perfect.  Completing the ceremony will be the part that we focus on and spend the most time on, I think.

In other news, my first class on the Kemetic Faith went absolutely fantastic.  The church had been advertising the class in church after the service, but before the closing song during announcements, and then also put the flyer up on their facebook page and pinned it there so it wouldn’t go away.  In the class, we talked about the meaning of God, of good and evil; we talked about ancestors and creation, and we talked about the similarities between the Kemetic faith and many other faiths on the planet.  The minster came to learn along with five others (including Erin, but not myself), so the group was small, but I like small groups.  It gives everyone the opportunity to bond and communicate.  Everyone had a voice, and it was wonderful.

Next week, we’ll be talking about the concepts of ma’at and isfet and possibly get into the Negative Confessions.  I open each week with a story, and I think I’ll open next week with the Modern Mythology story that I wrote about the Exodus.

So much positivity and feels right now.  I’m overwhelmed.


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  1. This post was fantastic. Really honestly fantastic. Oodles of happy congratulations on the ever-approaching wedding date too! Happy 2015, and I hope your year continues to be so awesome.
    If you do manage to figure out how to balance non-theology and ott paganness (probably not words but idc) let me know :p I’m an eclectic Pagan engaged to a Catholic so our vows are going to be tricky ❤

    • Have you checked out any books on Handfastings? “Handfasting and Wedding Rituals: Welcoming Hera’s Blessing” by Raven Kaldera (http://www.amazon.com/Handfasting-Wedding-Rituals-Welcoming-Blessing/dp/0738704709/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1420731148&sr=8-1&keywords=handfasting)

      This book has a lot of examples of eclectic Pagan ceremonies that are mixed with other traditions and ranked on a scale of “Can’t see the Pagan” to “Might as well be dancing around a fire naked,” although I think they use a 1-3 scale.

      Anyway, the book has a Pagan/Catholic service in it, so it’s definitely worth looking into if you’re interested. Our biggest problem with the book (while it provided a lot of information for us) is that it wasn’t slanted towards the Kemetic faith, which is what we needed, but hopefully it’ll be a bigger help for you!

      • Hahahaha lol I like your scale better, that’s awesome!
        I have actually (read the book I mean) but I’m still sort of umming and ahhing :p thanks for the tip though 🙂

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