What is God?

(Photo by Unity Church of G’Vegas)

…Or why we really shouldn’t say, think, or do bad things to others.

The church Erin and I attend, Unity, is part of what’s called thePhoto Aug 13, 11 46 02 PM “New Thought” movement within Christianity and all of spirituality, but the biggest revelations, at least in the United States, are taking place inside of Christianity.  Of course, this is just my single opinion, and others may not think so.

Traditional Christianity views God as this high and mighty power sitting up in the sky somewhere in a big chair.  We’re ultimately disconnected from Him, and because of that, we need a connection to be able to get to him.  This is where Jesus comes in.  He acts as the bridge between us and God.  He’s the connection, and through him, we are saved and able to go to Heaven.

While there are many paths under the “New Thought” Renaissance, Unity’s path aligns very closely with my faith as a Kemetic.  This week and for the next four weeks after, the minister at Unity is doing a series on the 5 Principles of Unity.  Following each message, there are small groups meeting in various people’s homes all over the county, and Erin and I playing host and facilitator to one of these groups.  In the groups, we’re discussing the corresponding chapter in The Five Principles by Ellen Debenport.

This week, we heard a message on the first principle and discussed it our home this evening.

“God is the source and creator of all. There is no other enduring power. God is good and present everywhere.”

Or, as Ellen Debenport puts it, “God is Absolute Good, everywhere.”

This principle isn’t easy to fully take in without touching on the second principle, which is about how we are created in God’s image.  We all have the divine energy in all of us, since you can’t create something without putting your energy into that creation.

Now, as a Kemetic, I have a very similar belief pattern.  I believe that there is this one higher power in the Universe that is beyond my comprehension or understanding.  This power is labeled my many as God, but as a Kemetic, I label this power Netjer.  All names that we give this power (Ra, Wesir, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, God, Krishna) are just ways that we attempt to define this power.  All of them fall short of the full greatness of the power, but together, they all equal up to the greater piece.

Before this world and universe existed, there was nothing.  Science has theories about where everything came from (I.E. The Big Bang), which I fully believe in due to evidence, but what was before that?  Some say that there was a Big Crunch, followed by the Big Bang, where some older universe before us came together and then exploded.  Some would say that there was simply just a singularity that expanded outwards.

Here’s my idea: There was the vast nothingness, the outstretch of potential that the Kemetics call the Nun.  Even in the Bible, before there was creation, there was simply God and potential.  So we establish, according to both faiths, that before there was the physical realm, there was this Absolute power, this God, this Netjer.

Let me side-track for a moment as I write this to explain the title of this blog.  I said “What is God?” instead of “Who is God” for a reason.  Asking who implies a separation.  “Who is that?  Oh, that’s someone other than myself.”  Where as asking what could mean any number of things.  What is God?  What does God represent?

I think everyone would agree that God is love.  God is good.  God is positivity.

So when we think about what there was before there was us, and we recognize that there was this Spiritual Energy that we call by so many different names.  From this Spiritual Being exploded creation, and you can say it was the Christian creation in the Bible, the Kemetic creation with Ra, or The Big Bang, but whatever the story, they’re all essentially the same: There was nothing, and then there was something.

Now, if we, as humans, create something, we put our energy into that something.  Generally, we become very attached to that creation of ours, no matter what it is because we put our energy into that creation.  As humans, we were created in the Divine’s Image.  It’s in the Bible, it’s in the creation stories across the planet: Humans are created in the image of the Supreme Being, the Divine Energy.  That divine, spiritual energy (whatever you wish to call it) put it’s energy into us.

We all have the divine spark within us.  As Ellen Debenport says, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

When we interact with the world around us, we are interacting with the divine spark in the rest of creation.  That divine spark flows through us and through all creation on the planet and in the universe.  When we treat others with respect, we are respecting the divine energy in us and around us.  When we treat others poorly, we are, essentially, treating the Divine Energy poorly, and since that divine energy is in us as well, all of our bad actions come back on us.

When we talk poorly of others, we talk poorly of the Higher Power and ourselves.
When we act against others, we act against the Higher Power and ourselves.
When we treat others with dignity and respect, we treat the Higher Power and ourselves with dignity and respect.

The really interesting thing about this whole concept is this: If there is only one absolute power in the universe, and this absolute power good, love and positivity, then there really is no room for any other power.  If there is only one presence and one power in our lives and in the Universe (the Almighty Goodness of God, or whatever you wish to call this being), then there is no space, no room for anything else: read: evil.  There is no space in this single entity or anywhere else for a devil.  If there is one power and one power only, and this power is good.  There is no room for an evil or power power to come in.  Not now, not ever.

So then the question that arises is… where does evil come from?  What is evil, anyway?  And what can we do about it, exactly?

But that’s a blog for another day.  For today, remember that those around you are part of the divine energy, just as you are, and to treat all creatures with love and respect as you’d wish to be treated, because when we treat others with respect, we, in turn, treat ourselves with respect.


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