TPE – Resolutions

I’m going to start writing for The Pagan Experience this year. I make no promises to write each week like is required, but we’ll see how it works out.

I wrote last year on how to make New Years Resolutions and keep them, and then I made my resolutions. I accomplished some of them, made progress in others, and didn’t accomplish a couple. And I’m okay with this. I don’t feel like a failure. Erin and I had a lot of things happen this year, including a failed adoption and a struggle with infertility, that got in the way of us accomplishing everything we wanted to.

I guess, this year, I’ll start by listing my resolutions first:

1. Continue to not smoke for 2015.
2. Get married to Erin on June 26, 2015.
3. Go on our honeymoon (the original plan was to Europe, but we’re putting that trip off a year) to somewhere, but not sure where yet.
4. Pay off a minimum of 50% of my debt.
5. Lose a minimum of 10% of my weight to help with my fertility stuff.
6. Finish our floors since there’s really only two things left to do.
7. Maybe get serious about baby making again this summer or next fall. 8. Read more, and read more spiritual books to draw Erin and I both closer to the Gods. We have three books we plan on studying, and I’d like to read a minimum of three other books, so a minimum of six total.

How will plan on accomplishing these goals?

My hardest part will be my accountability. I plan on posting a monthly update to where I am for my goals. Some of my goals are fairly easy for me to accomplish, while others are going to be a little more difficult.

I know there will be a lot of prayer involved, and a lot of faith. But that’s how it always is with us.

Hope everyone has a wonderful new year! For us, we’re both happy and sad to see 2014 go. Definitely not looking back.



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