Thoughts on Faith and Family

Erin had to finish up some class stuff and take a test for her next graduate class. Her mother got rid of her Internet, and since we’re in Michigan and everything has to be done by today for full credit, we ended up at the library. I spent the time working on my class for church and sending e-mails back and forth between the minister’s wife about our spirit circle in January, the DJ contract, and asking the minister at the church to officiate our ceremony.

In doing my research, I started thinking about how I can make the Kemetic faith relevant to non-Kemetics. When I started writing about Netjer vs. the Netjeru vs. the Akhu, I explained how the Akhu can act as a liaison between us and the Gods. The Gods have been Gods since the dawn of time, and some of our practices are probably beyond them. We know through the story of Ra and Sekhmet that humans have the ability to rebel against the Gods, and there are always times when we see others and think, “What in the world were they thinking?” So for me, it seems like there has to be times when the Gods think that about us for things we do or ask for, and it’s during these times that the Akhu, our blessed ancestors, intervene on our behalf. They aid us in achieving our goals.

Without them, we would struggle to fully connect to these beings that are greater than us. Netjer is beyond human comprehension, which is why the Gods came into being, so that we can better understand the positivity, wholeness and love that is given to us.

I think, honestly, that the Akhu are the link that separates us from the more mainstream religions, who often struggle with determining what their God(s) want. We see this struggle every time someone uses religion in the oppression of another person or group of people. The Gods don’t want oppression. They want love. They want wholeness. They want peace.

They want healing. And acceptance. And understanding. Which brings me to the second part of this blog:

Every year, my mother writes a Christmas letter that she sends out to friends and family. It gives a blurb about each of us, updating everyone about the big things happening in our lives. She mentioned my sister’s move to Japan and my brother’s surgery to remove the metal bars in his chest.

Here’s what she said about me:


When I first came out, both of my parents cited religion when condemning me and my confession. I was placed under house arrest and sent to therapy. After years and years of back and forth and awkwardness, my parents are now fully supportive of me and my relationship.

This is the first time that they have spread the news about my relationship and said they were happy and excited for me… For us.

I didn’t even know she’d sent this until my dad sent me a text saying, “We heard from (two of our family friends) who said that are either invited or they will crash our wedding.” This could potentially rise our wedding invitation list from 105 to 118.

Sheesh. We were trying really hard to keep our numbers down! Oh well, the more the merrier, I suppose.

I’m just grateful and thankful for the growth I’ve seen in my family since Erin and I found each other. I guess if it’s meant to be, everything will come together. And everything is really coming together.


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