Wedding Update!

It’s really happening. It’s really, really happening!!

I went over to my parents’ house today and spoke to my mom. We checked her e-mail and found that the Embassy Suites and written us back with their “quote,” which included a block of rooms at nearly 50 dollars OVER what they told us it was going to be, and no actual quote.

After what one of the DJ’s inadvertently told me about them, I decided that the entire situation was frustrating me and that it wasn’t looking good for them.

My mom agreed, and she told me to call the first place we talked to and see if the date was still available for the Friday before. I didn’t think anyone would answer, but they did! She remembered who we were, got super excited about working with us, and told us our date was still available.

My mom is going over there to finalize our quote and pay the deposit tomorrow morning! I am so excited!

JUNE 26, 2015: I Erin and I will go from being KMH and ESH to KMH-H and ESH-H! I can’t wait!

We’ve already got our DJ picked out as well, and as soon as my mom calls me tomorrow and lets me know that we’re clear on that, I’m going to call and schedule a meeting with them and get everything settled there. Then it’s the cake, the photographer, invitations, alcohol, and outfits! (The rest of the stuff: flowers, food, decorations, etc, is all taken care of by our venue!)

We’ve narrowed our guest list down to just over 100 people, so we are fully expecting a wonderful party!

::happy dance:: I just had to share!! I’m about to burst at the seams!


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  1. YAY great news! So happy you are getting the things you want 🙂

  2. yay congrats on the venue!!

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