A Prayer

Blessed Netjeru,

Thank you for today.  Thank you for granting me a job where I can affect the lives of hundreds of people every year, and thank you for giving me the patience and temperament to handle the bad days with the good.

Thank you for blessing me with a family who is understanding of why Erin and I may choose to marry at the end of December rather than wait for a year or two.  Thank you for the growth we’ve experienced and allowing me to celebrate the recent marriage victories in South Carolina with them.

Thank you for granting Erin her recent promotion and pay raise at her current job, and thank you for your continued blessings with her straight-A’s in graduate school.  She is one of the strongest and most determined people I know, and I fully believe that she is deserving of all the blessings of the Gods that she has gotten and will continue to get in the future.

Thank you for seeing my brother swiftly through is recent surgery and rapid recovery.  I pray that he continues to have good health in the years to come.  He has been through so much in his life, and if it is your will, grant him respite from doctors for many years to come.

Thank you for the opportunity to teach others about you at church starting in January.  The dates will be finalized by Thanksgiving, and I can begin planning out my classes for the six-week course.  I pray for guidance in my lessons so that I can adequately teach those that wish to learn.  Thank you for the opportunity to teach Sunday School once a month to the young children so that they may learn of your light and your power and presence in their lives, and thank you for the chance to potentially lead a spirit circle within the church so that Erin and I may grow more spiritually in a small group setting, and not just in the larger circle of fellowship.

Blessed Bes, Tauret, and Heqet, please bless me in these days to come. Bless my relationship, and bless my family, that it may grow as you see fit.  Thank you for the opportunities that you have given us, and I pray that you will continue to bless us with opportunities to expand our family and our love and touch the lives of others for years to come.

Blessed Nephthys, watch over my friend in her days of mourning. She’s so hurt and lost right now, and I pray that she finds solace and understanding quickly.  Remind her to lean on her fiance and her family because their love will help her through today and the days to come.

On this night, as with all nights, I pray for those that seek to do me harm, that disrespect me and my relationship, that do things to get under my skin.  I pray that they one day understand that to gain respect from others, they must also give respect.  I do not wish harm on them, but many blessings, because even though they chose to speak falsely of myself and my fiance, I do not hate them or harbor any ill will towards them.  I simply pray that they find peace in their own lives so that they no long feel the need to spread falsehoods about mine.

And finally, thank you, blessed Gods, for my past.  Thank you for the celebrations, the heartache, the good times and the bad.  Thank you for each and every person that I got to know and interact with, whether it was positive or negative, for each person taught me more about myself and my path.  Thank you for each of the stepping stones that has led me right to where I am now, with who I am now, living the life that I am now, for I feel truly blessed by you each and every day of my life.

In Your Blessed Names I pray,


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