Tests Of Faith

I don’t believe that the Gods control our destinies. I don’t believe that our lives are already written out from start to finish and that we are simply pawns taking steps that are already expected of us. This line of thinking implies two things: that we have no free will and that the Gods purposefully make bad things happen to us for funsies.

According to Ancient Egyptian myth, when the Great God Ra rose up out of the Nun, He spoke all of creation into existence, and the Great Gods lived in peace with humans on the Earth.

There is nothing in that story that says that the Great Gods continue to control every aspect of our lives as if it is written out before us, as if we have no choice but to do tasks X, Y, and Z because the Gods are making us. The Great Ra spoke out creation and then creation was. Creation moved through time and evolved and grew on its own.

The story continues that man decided one day to revolt against the Great Gods, so Ra sent Sekhmet to destroy humanity for their disobedience. Ra didn’t make man act against the Gods. It wasn’t some predestined event that the Gods planned out that we just fell into. We went against the Gods, and the Gods gave us the smack down.

Now, you might think, who would want to worship or believe in any God who gets mad when disobedience happens? Or maybe you’re thinking, “I’m glad my God isn’t like that.” Well, if you look at the Bible, in Genesis, when Adam and Eve disobey The God of the Bible, He not only curses them, but every single generation after them. So I’ll tell you how many people will want to believe in that kind of a God or Gods: a lot.

The difference here is: after a time, Ra felt pity for humanity and their destruction, so He lured Sekhmet away and into the sky, where He and the other Gods would continue to rule from above, rather than here on this planet. The rules were still in place, but Ra gave humanity the choice to follow them or not follow them. If we follow them, then we will pass through judgment and into the Aaru, if we don’t, our hearts are eaten by Ammut. There’s no eternal hell or damnation or torture for our disobedience: we are simply cast aside to die permanently and exist in an in between state. It’s not exactly pleasant sounding, but it’s not lake of fire either.

So what does this rant have to do with tests of faith? And why is it relevant to my life and yours?

The Gods may not use us as pawns to control our lives. They might not put everything that happens to us into action, but They can help us and control the outcome. They can see us through the tough times.

But They aren’t going to help us if we don’t maintain a relationship with Them. They won’t help us if we don’t ask for it.

For example: Erin and I are working hard and working together to pay off the debt we got left in from my ex and from the adoption. We’ve crunched a lot of numbers, and budgeted a lot of our money, but we’ll hopefully be out of this mess in a year.

We prayed and asked for help, and we got some amazing opportunities to make some extra money towards the debt.

But we maintain a relationship with the Gods by turning towards Them in all things. Yes, the situations we find ourselves in are often times caused by our own misdoings or mistrust in others, but we can avoid those situations if we welcome the Gods’ guidance in our lives. They can and will help us navigate everything that we come across, both good and bad.


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