Here’s The Thing About Faith…

The Gods will always provide for you when you need it.  Faith is knowing that statement is the TRUTH and will always be the TRUTH, no matter what.

Faith is knowing that love will always win.  Faith is knowing that we’re down to mere days or weeks before full marriage equality arrives in South Carolina.

Today is one of those days that when someone asks you about it years from now, you’ll be able to tell them…  I was teaching a biology lab when my phone started to vibrate repeatedly.  Thinking it was an emergency, I look down at my phone and see a text from my friend, “It’s happening!  It’s really happening!!”

My first thought is, “Oh, she must have gotten good information back from her doctor and she’ll be able to start trying for kids with her partner soon.”  But… just to make sure, I ask.   She replies with, “People are getting married in Charleston!  Marriage equality is here!!!”

What??  In South Carolina?  No way….

I was really, really shocked.  I’m still really, really shocked.  When Erin texted me later on, she said, “Want to get married???”  And then it hit me that the question was a legal question and not just a question out of love and devotion.  There’s a weight now with marriage that wasn’t there before.  I didn’t think I would feel…different… but I do.

We decided that we won’t be first out of the gate, and that we’ll wait until things settle and there’s a more definitive answer, but once marriage equality is legal, we’ll probably make our way down to the office.  We want our ceremony, but we want her on my health insurance and our future children to be covered and protected by a legal document.  It’s not about the ceremony right now… It’s about being safe and legal.

Faith is having the courage to speak up and then knowing that it will be okay in the end.  Erin and I were interviewed today by a local gay newspaper about our relationship and the effect of the marriage amendment and recent changes on our relationship.  We had the interview in the parking lot of our church over the phone with the editor, and he told us the article will probably be out tomorrow.  Faith is knowing that putting myself out there won’t have an affect on my personal life, but may help others in the process.  I look forward to reading it.

Faith is knowing the Gods will provide you with a safe community of like-minded individuals whom you can grow from and who will grow with you.  After church today, Erin and I sat down with our pastor and talked about Pagan and Kemetic beliefs for an hour.  I gave him some of my blogs for reading, which he thanked me for, and I’ve been invited to run a six-week class on the Kemetic faith at the church.  My next few days will be spent in prayer and contemplation while I try to figure out what to encompass in my six-week course and make sure that the Gods will always be honored in what I do and say.

And finally, faith is knowing that the Gods will always, always provide for your needs, no matter what.  A few weeks ago, Erin found out that she had been promoted from a line therapist to a lead therapist.  We weren’t allowed to say anything until everything had been announced through her work, but she finishes up her training tomorrow, so we’re in the all clear.  Not only will this be good for her by moving up through the company, giving her more experience and responsibility, but she’ll also get a substantial raise (potentially around $4/hour more than what she’s making now).

We may get challenges in our lives, but with faith, they will turn into the best blessings we’ve ever received.


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