The Quality of a Prayer

I fully believe in prayer.  I have believed in prayer since I have believed in the Gods.

At Unity and at Jubilee, there is a poster that hangs on the wall that says, “If the only prayer you say in your entire life is ‘Thank You’ that would suffice. – Meister Eckhart”

The truth of the matter is this, though: there is a good prayer and then there is a not-so-good prayer.  It’s not about how you say, or what candles you light, or what ritual you do, or how you sit/stand/kneel, or how you clasp/raise your hands.  It doesn’t matter if your prayer is silent mediation, silent spoken words, or spoken aloud.  It doesn’t matter if your prayer is said alone or with others.  None of that matters.

What matters is your heart and where your heart is at when you pray.

The outcome of prayer is an interesting thing and changes based on who you talk to.  Some people believe that the Gods will hear our prayers and respond by doing whatever we say in them.  Some people will say that the Gods will hear our prayers, but They will only respond if it is in Their will to do so.  Some say that nothing happens in prayer and that it’s pointless.

Personally, I believe the Gods hear our prayers and will respond if it is in Their will.  Here’s the thing though: even if it’s not in Their will, prayer can have a profound effect on a person’s mental state.  Meditation and prayer have been known to help focus and calm a person, which improves health.  If nothing else, prayer can do this.  Sometimes, what we need to do is let go of any problems in our lives.

There are times, a lot of them now with this adoption, that are literally just waiting around for the next step to happen.  When this happens, I have to remind myself that this is out of my control and that there is no reason to stress.  And then I pray.

It took me awhile to figure out exactly how to pray, but now I find myself praying, mostly informally, on a daily basis.

If you aren’t sure what to pray for, check out this list.  If you aren’t sure how to pray, then start with this: “Dear (higher power), [insert prayer]. Thank you.”  Everything else is up to you.

Things I pray for on a regular basis:

  1. Emotions I feel I lack that I need (strength, courage, compassion, empathy, etc) for a certain situation.
    1. Example: “Please give me strength to get through the last days of school.”
  2. My family.  If they’re going through a rough time or need something, I’ll pray for them.  Or if something exciting is happening, I’ll pray for good things to continue.
  3. My friends, for the same reasons above.
  4. People who hate/dislike me AND/OR people I don’t get along with.
    1. This one is a tricky one.  I pray for these people to have good things happen to them because it helps me to forgive them or forgive myself for whatever has happened to get us in this situation.  I’ll pray for happiness for them, or continued success, or some other positive attribute for them.  And I do NOT back handedly insult them in the process.
    2. Good Example: “I pray that my ex continue to receive happiness and joy in her life.”
    3. Bad Example: “I pray that my ex who hurt me and lied to me see the error in her ways and start to be more honest.”

Things I do NOT pray for:

  1. Physical objects: money, a new car, more “stuff”
  2. Harm on others in any way
  3. Negative emotions, thoughts, or feelings.
    1. When I pray, I keep it completely positive.  I do not insult or talk badly about anyone I pray for in anyway.  There is no reliving the bad things that have happened in my past and there is no blame placed on anyone for those bad things that have happened.

What we pray for can and will manifest itself in our lives.  If we pray positively, we will have a positive outcome, even if it is only emotional.  If we pray negatively, we will have a negative outcome, even if it is only emotional.  Our negative emotional prayers will manifest negative emotional thoughts and feelings through out our day, just as positive one will manifest positively.

The devout have a lot of power in prayer whether they realize it or not.  For example, yesterday was a rough day for me.  I am living on a mixture of stress, anxiety, and fatigue surrounding the start of a new school year among other things.  I let all my worries out to Erin, who responded with some worry, but mostly reassurance.  She held me while I cried and told me everything would work out like it always does for us.

She finished by saying she wanted to spend some time in prayer at her personal altar.  We took care of the animals and got ready for bed.  I laid in bed, stressing about everything.  I felt the anxiety pressing on my chest while I tried to suppress the panic attack that I new was waiting to happen.  I get overwhelmed, but I don’t take it out on people, especially not my girlfriend.

Erin settled in to her meditation.  I watched her for a second, but my heart started hurting, so I rolled over and away.  My thoughts didn’t change, but Photo Aug 13, 11 46 02 PMsuddenly I felt so calm that it took me by surprise.  I thought, “What the hell just happened?”  I wasn’t complaining, obviously, but I was really confused.  I looked back over at Erin, who was deep in her meditation/prayer, and thought, “It must be her.  She’s prayed for me or prayed for something that’s affected me and the Gods have immediately responded.”

She looked so peaceful, amazing, beautiful and strong that I had to sneak a few photos.  I air dropped this one to her just now and asked her if I could post it, and she agreed.  It was an extremely private and personal moment for her, and I didn’t want to post without her consent.

I knew the Gods were one our side.  I knew They were with us always, but I didn’t realize just how true that was until last night while Erin was praying/meditating.  I didn’t realize just how much the Gods listened to her and to us, and how close by they were until she sat down to pray and got immediate responses.

I have no clue what she prayed for, and I wouldn’t dare ask because it’s personal for her and none of my business, but whatever it was… I fully believe it worked.


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