Juicing, Blueberry Picking, and Mega-Church Sunday

Here’s a couple of updates before I tell you how someone thought I was a Kemetic minister in their Christian church:

August 8th was day two of juicing.  In that last blog, I was an absolutely dismayed.  I felt sick and guilty and an emotional wreck.  Erin got home, and I finished up some couponing before we went to the store for face wash and whatever other good deals we could find, and I had a complete and total sob-fest break down at the kitchen table.

Photo Aug 09, 11 21 26 PM

Fridge so full of goodies, we ran out of space. Whoop Whoop!

I told her everything: how I felt gross and sick, how I felt like we were spending all this money on good veggies… a fridge full of veggies… that should last us well over a week… and how we were going through, juicing them, and throwing out the pulp, which felt like the bulk of the veggie.  I told her how much it felt like waste and it filled me with so much guilt to just throw it all away….

I didn’t mean to bring the entire operation down.  I didn’t mean to end it all, but I did.  We stopped juicing that evening.  We went to the store, loaded up on even more fruits and veggies, and rather than juicing all those wonderful things, we’re eating them all raw.  We had quinoa with a salad and homemade dressing.  It was amazing.

The last two days, I’ve felt so much better about everything, and I think it’s because I actually have food in my stomach.


Saturday, Erin called a local farm that has farm fresh eggs for $3 a dozen.  These are free-range organic eggs, and happen to be the ONLY type I can eat.  Generally, these suckers cost a lot of money, so finding them for $3 is a steal.  (Side Note: I had my gallbladder taken out a few years back.  Before that, I would eat eggs at least once a day.  I loved eggs in all kinds of ways.  After my gallbladder was removed, my body stopped processing lipids easily, and eggs are high in lipid content.  I could eat egg whites, but the yolk was out of the question.  One day, Erin brought home free-range organic eggs that she got from one of her client’s family, so I tried them and prayed I wouldn’t get sick because I really didn’t feel like having the feeling someone had stabbed me with a jagged knife and spun it around it my gut for a couple hours.  The eggs didn’t make me sick, and apparently there’s been some studies done that show they have less cholesterol in them??  So maybe that’s it… but whatever it is, we hunt these suckers DOWN now.)

Anyway, we went out to the farm to get eggs and go blueberry picking!  We got two dozen eggs and a quart of blueberries, so I ended up making whole wheat blueberry muffins, and they were absolutely fantastic!


Today was a mega-church day.  Erin and I went to church with a couple of friends.  It was wonderful, as usual.  We took our free gift cards to their little gift shop and they gave us a cookbook for free packed with tons of recipes of all sorts.  I’m excited to look through it and see what is good (and what might be modified to make it a Photo Aug 10, 11 01 19 PMlittle healthier)!  We also bought a small owl figure from the store, which has officially become the FIRST thing we’ve bought for the NURSERY!

We’re doing a Harry Potter theme, and you can’t say that is not the CUTEST little owl you’ve ever seen???  It’s absolutely adorable!!

After church at Unity, we signed up to volunteer in the back.  Eventually, I want to maybe look into teaching there, but I need to figure out more about it.  I want to get more involved, so right now, we’re looking at volunteering in the back doing sound and video.  We might also start looking into membership classes soon, but I’m not sure.  I want to at least ask next week.

Then, we left, picked up the puppies we’re dog sitting until the 13th, took them home, gathered a few belongings, and headed out to another church service that my friend, Tara, asked me to participate in.  She’s heading to seminary in California on the 15th and this was her “farewell service” where she was giving the message.  She asked me to do the opening prayer and meditation at the start of service, and I agreed.

But I agreed so long as I could do a Kemetic prayer, and not a Christian one.  She had no problem with it.

I’ve been taking this Kemetic Orthodox class online the last few weeks, and during the chats, they open up with a prayer and libations, which I really liked, so I thought it would make a good opening to this service.  I had to modify it slightly so that it made sense to people who didn’t understand the vocabulary, but I think it’s really pretty:

Opening Kemetic Prayer and Meditation

Hail Akhu, our ancestors, known and unknown, I pour cool water for you.  May you be cooled.

Hail Wepwawet, great God and Opener of the Way, I pour cool water for you.  May you be cooled.

Hail Sebau, our guiding teachers, I pour cool water for you.  May you be cooled.

Hail Ma’at, Goddess of peace and justice, a thousand times pure, I pour cool water for you.  May you be cooled.

Netjer, higher power beyond all knowledge and existence, hear now all the prayers in the hearts of your children.

***Pause for silent prayer and meditation.***

May all these prayers be heard, and become.  Thank you.

We got there about 3:20, I was barefoot.  It’s my belief that you never go into a prayer that you are doing with the Gods with shoes.  You need to be connected to the Earth.  I took the pitcher they gave me for the water, cleansed it in their kitchen with salt, filled it with water, then took it to a side room the bless it where I wouldn’t be disturbed.

I took out a spare altar cloth we had at home, place my idol of Bast out, lit a candle with some incense and then meditated and prayed while I charged the water with the Gods’ energy and light.  Then I set the pitcher next to the bowl (that was blessed enough for my liking) and started to go over the prayer a few times to get out some nerves.  Erin and I walked around a little before I decided I’d had enough with the bare feet on gravel or concrete bit and we went to go sit in the sanctuary.

This church is, without a doubt, a Christian place of worship.  There was lots of talk about Jesus, and there was communion out to be had, and crosses around necks.  I don’t have a problem with Christianity, especially in a Christian place of worship, it just wasn’t something I was use to.  And I was about to deliver a decidedly NOT Christian prayer to a group of (even though they’re liberal) Christians.  I had some nerves.

There was a welcoming, and a short song to meditation before it was my turn.  I got up with my bare feet, felt like my heart was going to explode from my chest, said my Kemetic prayer, did the moment of silence, closed it out, and sat back down.  It ended up being followed by probably one of the most powerful messages I’d heard in awhile, but that’s Tara for you.  She either does something perfectly, or she doesn’t do them at all.  I was not the only person left in tears at the end of the service, and no one had any tissues.

Afterwards, we had food waiting for us to celebrate Tara’s move for graduate school, but before we went into the social room, Erin and I were sitting.  I was trying to Facebook my thoughts on this service when I was approached by a woman who was a member of the church.  She asked me what my name was again before truly and deeply thanking me for coming and sharing the prayer that I did.  She asked me where it came from, and I explained to her the history and modification of the prayer.  She asked me how I came to that path, and I explained my coming out, my rejection by the church, and my coming home to the Kemetic faith.  She said, “It was absolutely beautiful.  You opened this service up into a place that it’s never been before.  Your voice was strong and steady, and you really got the images from it.”  I told her thank you, and that I’m glad my nervousness didn’t show.  She said, “Nervous?  Really?”  I said yes, that I had never done this before.

“Really?  Because you sounded like you were a minister.”

Best.  Compliment.  Ever.

After that, I had a few other people, mostly those I knew, come up and tell me that I had done wonderfully and that the imagery was excellent.  It really put me on cloud nine to know that I was able to express the Gods’ light and work through me to these people who welcomed me and thanked me for my time and prayers.  It was absolutely wonderful.



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