Adventures in Juicing: Day Two

I’m trying.  I’m trying really hard to stay strong and do this.  I don’t know if it’s stress, or hormones, or hunger, or a mixture of both, but I feel absolutely horrible.  I keep reading and hearing that the first three days are the worst.  I’m now on day two of an absolutely horrible headache, and I’m exhausted.

All the juices still taste the same to me.  I really don’t think that there’s any difference in any of them, even though they have all different veggies in them.  I’ve been told that it’s cause my “taste buds are messed up” and because I’m “addicted to nasty fast food” (the second one was because I jokingly said that I wanted a cheeseburger).  These comments kinda piss me off.

I’m not “addicted” to fast food.  Erin and I almost never eat fast food.  Our diet consists of mostly veggies and the occasional lean meat.  We eat healthy.

The thing that is killing me about this process is the guilt.  I feel like we’re wasting the veggies by turning them into juice.  Yeah, we’re getting out the vitamins, but the pulp has a lot of nutrients in them too, including fiber that helps lower blood sugar and regulate your digestion.  We don’t have a compost, so all that “pulp” is going into the garbage.

This is expensive… and it feels wasteful.  I hate that part the most.  I hate feeling like I’m being wasteful.  Erin suggested we save the pulp, but it won’t keep for seven days AND it’s so mixed up with everything, that it probably won’t taste very good.  I mean, these juices don’t taste very good.  Even the one that was supposed to be sweet didn’t taste like it was very sweet…

I just feel gross.  I don’t like feeling this way.  Is this week over yet?


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  1. I don’t want to be all “unyay juice fast!” and we all do things differently, but it has me concerned. Bad moods are unhappy. I also historically do not fast well, so I tend to not do it. THere’s a once a year weekly fast, but it’s not a juice fast, and it’s only for twelve hours a day. It’s mostly juice (but I admit, I’m all about the SuperGreen odwalla juice. I do not juice my own, as I don’t have the funds for that) and I do allow for a flatbread to nibble on at “meal times.”

    However: you got through day two! If day three is the hardest day, you are almost over the worst of it? Silver lining, yeah?

  2. Quicksilver Witch

    I use juices a lot for my own health – if I feel like I need to snack on something, I usually go for one of my home-made juices instead of something else first. I did a lot of reading up on the best way to start juicing when I first got my juicer, and this is what I found (and it’s worked for me) – when making your juices, start first with recipes that have at least one fruit, one citrus, but only one leafy green or veggie. As you get adjusted to those, you can gradually alter the ratios as you get used to the “green” flavor (which I still haven’t made it to, but everybody IS different!)

    I’ll also second naiadis – you got through day 2 of the 3 worst days of the juice fast? One more day? You’ve got this, lady!

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