Adventures in Juicing: Day One

I’m blaming Erin for everything I’m about to say in this post, even though I excitedly agreed to this and even thought about doing it myself without her extra help.

Erin and I are doing a juicing fast for the next seven… no ten… no seven… well, we’ll see how we are in seven… days.  I bought a juicer awhile back and juiced my breakfast and lunch, but really didn’t like it.  I blame the ginger root.  This go around, we’re doing it together, and today is day one.IMG_6851

Yesterday, we went to the store and bought enough ingredients to get us through the first few days, but then we’ll have to go back for more.  The fridge is LOADED with veggies, and it makes me happy and sad at the same time: the fridge should be this full with fresh veggies ALL the time, not just because we’re juicing.  Don’t get me wrong, our diet is mostly veggies, but this is to the extreme.

We have this green leafy thing called chard… which sounds like how I use to order my steaks before I knew any better.  I didn’t even know this vegetable even existed, and it’s the weirdest looking thing: green leaf and bright red stem.

Anyway, we woke up 15 minutes before we normally do, showered, fed the animals and started in on the juicing.

Breakfast: Peachy Green Juice (two peaches, two limes, four to five stalks of chard).  This time, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was with the ginger.  Yay for no ginger!

IMG_6852Lunch: Apple Turnover (three leaves of kale, one apple w/o core, four stalks of celery and the equivalent to a half of a lemon)

Dinner: Sweet Blueberry Blast (1 peach, 1 cp blueberries, 5 carrots, 2 stalks of chard)

Erin: How is it?

Me: It’s orange…

Erin: Yeah, the carrots overpower everything else.  How does it taste?

Me, after taking a sip: I’m starting to think all these juices taste the same.


Currently, I have a major headache and my stomach wants actual food.  I’m not hungry, but I have a desire to eat… which means that my eating isn’t driven by actual need as much as want.  That’s a problem, in my opinion.  I’m also extremely exhausted.

I’ve been told that the first three days are the worst, with day three being the peak of the bad.  We had a conversation that if either of us starting feeling bitchy, we had to blame it on the juicing and vocalize that: It’s juicing grumpy or It’s the Juicing Bitch.

I made the mistake of going to my parents house to get a baseline on my weight.  My mom was eating a bacon and cheese sandwich, and I wanted one… So… Freaking… Bad.  That’s a sign that I will never be a vegetarian right there.  Never.

Erin got home from work and I spent the first part of our “how was your day” talking about how much I wanted actual food, and she responded with “don’t give in, you can do this.”

Damn it, I want a burger… and fries… and egg rolls…  I really hope this gets easier.

I’m feeling sorry for Erin already.


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  1. Good luck! That takes some serious willpower!

    • Thanks! I think my taste buds are seriously messed up because everything I’m “eating” tastes the same… Is it really only day two at this point? The next few days are going to be loooooong! haha

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